What is a regulated device?

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Whilst regulated devices are typically seen as safer than mechanical mods it is still of paramount importance to practice good battery safety and responsible use with all types of devices.

A regulated device is a device that allows you to adjust your wattage through the devices in built chip set and also has built in safety features such as low ohms protection to ensure your atomizer’s resistance is adequate and reverse polarity protection in case that your batteries are incorrectly placed in the device.

Regulated devices come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. For instance one of the most popular type of regulated devices is the box mod. The box mod as the name would suggest is so named for its shape. Box mods typically house two batteries but may hold more. Box mods tend to offer better battery life than single bay regulated devices simply because they hold more batteries. There are also devices such as the hugely popular Wismec RX200 which hold three 18650 batteries and offer even better battery life than a standard dual battery device.

Regulated devices are favoured by users who like to use different atomizers with different resistances or different juices at different wattages etc. Regulated devices offer the freedom of being able to use al

most any type of atomizer and this means you can customize your vaping extremely to the fullest extent.

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