Vaping – nicotine strengths

nicotine  strength chart Lunar Vape UK

E-liquid nicotine strength is usually referred to in “mg’s” or “%”. You can easily work out the conversion of any nicotine strength between mg’s and % for any situation where you may need to.

For instance a 3mg nicotine strength E-liquid is also a 0.3% nicotine E-liquid or a 12mg nicotine E-liquid is also a 1.2% nicotine E-liquid. This can be handy to know when asking for a particular juice strength.

E-liquids comes in a variety of nicotine strengths for you to choose from. Typically most DTL Vapers use a lower nicotine strength juice such as a 3mg, whereas MTL Vapers usually use a higher nicotine strength juice to compensate for the lower amounts of vapour they inhale.

Many people begin vaping using a high mg E-liquid, anywhere up to 24mg for instance.

Then they may step down to a lower nicotine strength e-juice to lower the amount of nicotine they absorb. While this isn’t strictly necessary lowering to a 3mg E-liquid for instance greatly broadens the range of flavours that will be available to you as lower strength E-liquids have a different VG – PG ratio allowing them to contain much more complex flavour recipes. Many E-liquid manufacturers make specific flavours in several different nicotine strengths to allow you to experiment to find the best strength for you whilst still being able to use your favourite flavours.