Vaping Etiquette – How to avoid being a jerk in public, and other cloudy dilemmas…

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I have a confession…this week I committed a grievous breach of vape etiquette…

I vaped in a restaurant without asking first, and received a swift reproach from the waiter. Naturally, I apologised profusely and stopped immediately, but it got me thinking about vaping etiquette – what goes and what doesn’t?anti social vaper

Well admittedly, I do not think vaping in a restaurant is polite. I was being a big jerk, mostly because of the two-for-the-price-of-one cocktails. I am not a skilful drinker, and those strawberry caipirinhas were so dang nice! And…well…it’s not like I was fogging out the place, I was using a Nautilus at 10.5w. To be frank there were more smoke emissions coming from the freshly char-grilled fajitas!

Nevertheless, on this occasion I will admit to being an asshole. Usually I ask before I vape anywhere that smoking isn’t allowed, and would never dream of sub ohm vaping in an enclosed public space even if I was told it was ok…unless it’s a vape shop ofc. Mostly I felt bad for the waiter, he was a nice guy and he seemed to feel the need to apologise even more than I did.

This is not the time to get into deep discussion about the technicalities of where you can, and cannot, vape. I plan to cover that as soon as get replies to the FOI requests I sent to my local council, now that should be fun! Today I am merely going to cover the ways in which you can avoid committing embarrassing vaping faux pas.

Is it really alright to vape anywhere you want to? Vaping isn’t banned in public places!

The majority of public spaces have no restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes, but there are three significant areas, which commonly do. These are public transport, businesses (including shopping centres), and sporting venues.

With businesses, it is up to the owner whether they allow vaping or not. Smaller, privately owned, pubs and restaurants are more likely to allow you to vape as long as you are considerate. Chains, franchises, especially international companies are less lenient.

Always ask first!

Ask first etiquette

If they say no then don’t argue about it. It may not be illegal to vape in a pub or restaurant, but if you ignore the rules of the establishment you might be asked to leave. If you do not leave then you’re guilty of trespass. Don’t screw up everyone else’s evening and end up looking like a jerk in the process. Chances are, that whoever is asking you to stop vaping may have no choice in the matter, and is embarrassed and perhaps uncomfortable about doing so. Alternatively, they may just have misconceptions about vaping.

Should you try to educate people about vaping?

If you get the chance then have an amiable chat with them about it, educate, discuss, but don’t be argumentative or preachy – you will just end up entrenching another negative impression about vaping into their mind. If it is a privately owned pub or club point out that they may be missing a business opportunity. Many of their smoking patrons might be happy to stay inside the club if they had access to an e-cig and juice. Pubs used to have vending machines containing cigarettes, why not replace them with cig-a-likes?

In confined public spaces

If you are sub-ohm vaping at 100w you’re going to fill up a small area with cloud pretty fast. Unless you’re going to check with every other person sharing that space with you if they are ok with it then it’s probably easier not to vape at all.

In open areas

Feel free to toot away, but again apply a bit of consideration, don’t be chuffing your vape at other people, try and direct mega cloudage away from others. Vape is very noticeable, both visually and by smell. If someone is so inclined then they are bound to complain. I often apologise if I accidentally fog someone, I move away from them, I move away when children or animals are in close proximity – regardless of whether their parent/owner is smoking like a chimney next to them.

Cloudchaser's homeYour own home.

Well it is your castle and all that, so do as you will, but doesn’t hurt to be considerate. Visitors to your home might not understand vaping and it’s not great to invite someone into a room that looks like it should have flashing lights and a disco ball – unless it is a party of course! Unfortunately, last time I asked if it was ok to vape at a party in a room full of drunken non vapers I ended up not vaping at all, because they immediately pounced on my mod, and it was the last I saw of it until I was able to sneak away.

Other people’s homes

ASK of course!! Unless the merry party scenario mentioned above applies…then bear in mind a gaggle of inebriated women might kidnap your vape, and it might be easier just to go outside….


General etiquette regarding…


Do not criticise, don’t make them feel like lepers. Nearly all vapers were smokers once, and often we are still treated like lepers which kinda seems unfair. At least we can feel a little smug knowing that what we are doing now is 95% less stupid than what we used to do. You achieve nothing by making someone else feel dumb because they haven’t caught onto the tasty wonders of vaping. If the opportunity for discussion arises, talk about it, but WITH them not AT them.


It’s polite to check if they mind you vaping around them before you do. Most will be ok, but some have no reason to disbelieve the onslaught of misinformation they’ve heard about vaping from the media. Time for a judgement call. Are they open to hearing the facts about vaping, is it worth your time to share such facts in a polite and friendly manner? On the other hand, is it better just to roll your eyes and walk away because you’ll never have to spend time with this close-minded person again? You decide!

Other vapers…

uber pink cloud coil

Do not criticise the vaping style and choices of others. Don’t get me wrong…my cousin first introduced me to the idea of vaping – and I love him for it. However, I find his singular devotion to vaping only one type of aniseed e-juice quite horrifying. Equally, he finds my love of sweet bakery style juices just as disgusting. That’s ok – taste is subjective, and all that jazz…

Don’t be the big doofus trying to make someone feel small for their neat, discreet clouds at 14w on a 1.5Ω coil…while yarping on about how 120w on your quadruple-stapled superfused flattened spaceage platinum clapton alien coils makes the flava so extreme…and the clouds bro’…yadda yadda.

It’s not big, it’s not clever…it is funny, but probably not in the way you think it is.



After all the talk of etiquette, politeness, and consideration for others. I have a scenario or two for you to consider:

Scenario #1

Your local pub in January. No vaping allowed inside. So outside you go to join the other cold and wet vapers and smokers. Huddling under whatever shelter you can find in the beer garden.

Six months later, same pub, same rules. It’s a glorious day. You head out to the beer garden to enjoy the sun. It is full of non-smokers, some of whom do not look too happy about your intention to vape.

What do you do? Is it now rude to vape in the place you have been banished to, rain, hail, and snow or shine every other week of the year?

Scenario #2

One day you decide to quit smoking and buy an e-cig device instead. You are over the moon with how well you’re doing at quitting BUT at work your boss tells you that you will have to vape in the smoking shelter with the tobacco smokers.

Of course you ask if there is an alternative, after all you quit cigarettes to try to reduce the harm to your health. You are told that you use the shelter provided, and if not then your only option is to leave company property to vape.

How do you react? Accept that it is company property, and on company property, company rules apply. Alternatively, do you kick up a righteous stink about it?

Tell us what you think. Or even better tell us any funny stories of vaping blunders made by yourself, or others. This world needs more smiles, sharing is caring and all that!

As always…VAPE ON! but politely 😉


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2 thoughts on “Vaping Etiquette – How to avoid being a jerk in public, and other cloudy dilemmas…

  1. Leon Fairless says:

    To be fair do I realy as a caper my self want to be in a enclosed space with sone one chuck8ng big clouds of there fav menthol custard ?
    Do I want to eat with the aroma of I don’t know say melon and lime in the air ?
    It’s a personal choice not my or your personal choice to make for others to be fair ?
    Besides some people react to PG

  2. Kevin Nunn says:

    Yea it is just common courtesy, personally yes I vape and I wouldn’t want people to chuck clouds in my face when I sit down for a meal but I guess some need to be told!

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