The best Vape Juice and your perfect flavor


Premium Vape Juice comes in many varieties

It can be rather difficult when it comes to choosing the best vape juice. There is so much choice when it comes to flavor, size and the sensation that they offer. Not only that but premium vape juice comes in different strengths and different brands. Where is the best place to start?

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PG and VG are the two main ingredients in vape juice

First of all, the device you use can dictate what kind of premium vape juice you need. For example, sub ohm devices are mostly used with high VG juices. Usually something like a 70vg/30pg blend. Where as mouth to lung devices usually require higher PG blend. For example a 50pg/50vg blend or even higher pg. This is due to high VG being thicker. Resulting in less efficient wicking with mouth to lung devices. Which can cause smaller coils to burn out quicker.

It’s worth considering what you want for a vape juice as well. For example, if you like a throat hit, higher PG liquids can provide that sensation. Alternatively, the throat hit sensation can also be achieved with menthol based vape juice flavors.

However, if you want a smooth and easy juice with less throat hit, VG based juices are probably better. Ultimately, high VG vape juice blends are ideal for sub ohm devices. Due to the high power and the amount of vapor that sub ohm kits produce.

See below for an easy summary


  • Produces a stronger hit to the throat
  • Liquid is thinner than VG juices
  • Carries flavor well
  • Less gunky when compared to 100% VG juice
VGPGvape juice


  • Creates vapor production
  • Smoother on the throat
  • Liquid is thicker in consistency
  • Sweeter than PG
  • Brilliant for big hits and thick clouds

sub zero skittles slush Eliquid pos
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Strawberry Donut Eliquid by Donuts pos

Premium Vape juice comes in a large range of flavors

Now that some of the technical stuff is out of the way, on to the fun part. Choosing your perfect flavor.

The amount of flavors available for vape juice is astounding. Undoubtedly it can be quite overwhelming with the amount of choice you have. Ultimately the trick to choosing a flavor is to imagine the types of flavors you like. For example, you might be a fan of citrus, apple, strawberry, milkshake or even apple crumble. Once you’ve thought of a flavor you wish to have, you just need to find a juice with that flavor.

Most decent vape stores will have samples that you can try. Essentially this is to help you choose a vape juice that you are sure to enjoy. Being able to try before you buy is obviously very useful. Additionally, if you’re having trouble finding a particular flavor, ask a vape store assistant. No doubt they will be able to point you in the right direction. Tailoring your juice to your taste. Ultimately vape stores want you to enjoy your purchases, so they won’t see you leave with a juice you don’t like.

    Choosing your premium vape juice flavor      

When it comes to choosing the best vape juice flavor. There are countless juices to choose from. Including Fruity juices, menthol juices, cakey juices, custard juice and so on and so forth. Ultimately, anything you can think of will most likely be available as a premium vape juice.

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Brain Chill Iceball Eliquid Lunar Vape UK sweet mint eliquid
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Fruity vape juice flavors

Some of the more popular flavors of premium vape juice are of the fruity varieties. Ultimately, fruity flavors are some of the most easy flavors to enjoy. Especially when it comes to flavors like strawberry or raspberry. Furthermore, even most menthol and desert based juices have fruity flavors combined. This is because the fruity flavor makes them more palatable. Regardless of what your favorite fruit flavor is, it will be out there.

fruitmix atom
Fruits Basket Anime Lots Of Fruit HD Desktop Wallpapers

Fruities Peachy Apple Eliquid pos

Peachy apples

Peachy Apples by fruities is a juicy and crisp premium vape juice. It features succulent peach and apple flavor with a sprinkling of brown sugar.

Red Berry

A premium vape juice from FRUIT BLASTS is stuffed with zingy red berries and tropical fruit freshness. This juice concoction is full of zing, zest, and tang. Ultimately a juice that is easy to love and enjoy.

Fruit Blasts Red Berry Eliquid pos

coil gloop grape mix by lunar vape Grape Eliquid pos

Grape Mix

Grape Mix is a delicious grape vape juice with rich fruity flavour. Additionally it has a subtle twist of citrus that really gets the flavour fizzing and satisfying your taste buds.

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Check the links below for more fruity flavors

Menthol Vape juice

 Menthol Eliquid breathes new life into your favourite vape flavors. For example, you might be a big fan of strawberry. However, if you’re looking for something new, menthol strawberry juice can open new doors. All in all, menthol has the ability to give any flavor an icy blast. Immediately menthol will awaken your senses, and brighten your taste buds. Read more about menthol flavors in our menthol e liquid blog post.


Brain Chill Forest fruit Eliquid Lunar Vape UK 1

Forest Brain Chill

Forest chill is a forest fruits menthol that is guaranteed to give you a satisfying vaper. An ice-cold juice with flavors of forest fruits combined with absinthe for a one of a kind experience. This juice provides and icy blast that will take you away to arctic lands.

Purple Ice cubes

This is a blackcurrant and mango menthol vape juice. The flavors here complement each other perfectly. Ultimately coming together to create a seductive blend and an absolutely delicious icy treat!

sub zero purple ice cubes Eliquid pos

Brain Chill Iceball Eliquid Lunar Vape UK sweet mint eliquid

Ice Ball Brain Chill

A minty menthol vape juice that combines sweet and frosty mint with a refreshingly cool burst of menthol. Immediately you get the taste of frozen sugar candy and minty freshness. All in all, this is an easy going vape juice with a fresh feeling and a flavor that is cool and mysterious.

For more menthol vape juices you can check out our menthol E liquid blog post about or click below for more menthol vape juice options. There are many more to choose from

click here for more menthol vape juice options!

Dessert vape juice flavors

Many popular vape juice flavors include the dessert varieties. Ultimately, cake and pie flavors are some of the more satisfying vape juices. Especially when it comes to flavors like Apple pie, lemon tart and jam donut. Furthermore, many dessert flavors mix fruit into the mix to give a deliciously sweet concoction. This is because fruity desserts tend to be the more palatable of desserts. Regardless of what your favorite dessert flavor is, there will be one out there for you.

apple pie
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crumble juice apple Eliquid pos

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is the ideal vape juice for comfort vaping. It is so easy to pick up, yet so difficult to put it down. All the deliciousness of a warm apple pie but with none of the calories. A definite all day vape. Ultimately, this is a definite favorite for fans of bakery desserts.

Lemon Tart

This is the ideal dessert vape juice. Sweet tangy lemon curd bashed together with a delicious sugar pastry casing. And last but not least, topped with crisp golden cornflakes. This ape is ideal for morning, noon and night. It has a cakey, yet refreshing taste that will keep you vaping it all day and night.

coil gloop lemon tart by lunar vape lemon tart eliquid POS

Jam Donut Eliquid by Donuts pos

Jam Donut

A strawberry donut  vape juice. Packed full of jam and glazed with sugar on the outside. Now you can get all the delicious goodness that comes with a jam filled donut. However, with this vape juice theres no need to lick your fingers clean after the explosion of flavor.