UK Vaping Community Awards

Welcome to the Vaping Community awards 2018!

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Here we have granted awards to some of the best vape related UK Facebook groups.

Please note: these awards are not given in any particular order. Instead we have given awards to groups on their own individual merit and instead of ranking groups from best to worst, we intend to point out what these groups are particularly good for and why you might want to join them. 

We have done a good amount of research into every group included here, and although all of these groups are great places to converse and share, we want to give information about each group so you know which one is the best place for you. 

trade swap

UK Vape ,sell,swap

This group is primarily for the purpose of swapping, trading and selling your second hand vape gear. This group boasts a large number of members and have a large number of sellers and buyers, so if you’re looking to sell your used vape hardware, or even your unused bottles of juice, this could be the place for you. 

The members of this group are fairly active, so you can easily find a huge variety of vape goodies for sale all throughout the day. Sellers are required to include a piece of paper with a name and the current date, so you can tell that the images are genuine and up to date. 

The moderators of this page are active and do a good job of regulating any unprofessional behaviour. The group has strict rules against the selling of clones and will actively police any scammers or tricksters, making sure that you don’t get conned. 

There is a good sense of community on this group and you can easily find some good banter to get involved in. The people are friendly and the admins and members are always willing to help you with any questions you may have about hardware or juice. 

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Vape Den Uk Chat, Sell And Trade 

This is a very welcoming group with incredibly hard working admins that truly care about the community. They provide its members with full freedom to post pictures, videos and questions about vaping. It’s a fantastic place to ask for help about any topic and these questions are guaranteed to be responded to with very helpful advice. 

The admins do an incredible job when it comes to moderating the page to make sure that posts are kept clean and respectful. No harassment or unsavoury behaviour is tolerated at any time. 

They allow sales posts but only if you can ensure your pictures are genuine and up to date. This is done by including a piece of paper with the sellers name and the current date on them. This is a simple but effective way of protecting the users.

Any scammers are identified and it’s not tollerated. They do a great job of making sure that its members aren’t open to being taken advantage of. 

The admins and moderators are very friendly and they make sure that no aggressive or threatening behaviour takes place. They keep the page clean and make sure that drama is kept to a minimum, fostering a positive community for everyone. If any of these rules are broken, you can be sure that bans will be handed out to those who break them. This means that it’s members are well protected and they even go out of their way to make sure that other groups are made aware of any scammers or nasty people. 


UK Vape Deals

This group is an incredible place for fellow vape enthusiasts to share their excitement for exciting deals. When members find limited time sales and fantastic deals, they can’t wait to share the joy with other people so that they can also get some fantastic deals for themselves. Therefore, if you’re looking for bargains, but can’t find the time to browse the thousands of online retailers for which ones have great sales deals, this is probably the place for you. 

The group boasts a large number of followers and all of their members tend to be friendly and enthusiastic about helping each other find the best deals in the UK. Also if you’re looking for a certain product or a particular juice, they will likely be happy to help you. 

This group also allows it’s users to sell and trade their second hand vape goodies with eachother, meaning that if you’re looking for something new, or you have something you don’t need anymore, you can make an exchange for something you really want. Whether that be cash or a different piece of hardware. The moderators keep tabs on the groups activity and make sure nothing unsavoury is going on. Meaning that you’re likely to be safe at all times.

uk vaping 1


This is one of the largest and most popular Facebook vaping communities in the UK. There is never a dull moment on this page as the members are very active and friendly, posting new content all throughout the day. There is always a lot of action going on here and it’s an ideal place to converse and share your enthusiasm for vaping related products. 

This group is ideal for if you’re excited about vaping and want to see posts all the time. You can find your news feed frequented with vape topics all the time. The amount of posts on this group is endless and the moderators do a fantastic job of policing and unsavoury behaviour. The admins and moderators have strict rules against anything cruel and hateful, as well as doing a good job with making sure scammers are dealt with and removed from the group.

You’ll find that all of the posts left on this page are in good spirits and only provide positivity. You won’t find drama and negativity on this page, so it’s a great place for vape enthusiasts and those who are looking to learn more about vaping. With so many people being a part of the group, you can guarantee any questions you have will be answered by at least a few people.

vape lodge 1


Vape lodge UK are a tight knit community that is a fantastic place to chat and share your excitement for anything vaping related. With it being a relatively new group, the members are very welcoming and close to each other, they are a close and sociable community who are always willing to help. Members of the group, especially admins are sure to be going live on video to provide a form of vape related entertainment and further create a sense of community within the group. 

The admins do a fantastic job of making sure that no bullying, racism, sexism, harassment or sexual chat is tollerated. They will issue bans to anyone who breaks these rules and ultimately do a fantastic job of making sure their members feel comfortable, included and appreciated. 

The group does allow selling, as long as you can varify that the pictures of the products are genuine and up to date. The group also shares discount codes wherever possible to help their members get fantastic deals on limited time offers.

vaping UK 1


This is one of the few Facebook vape groups that actually has their own brand of vape juice. The juice seems relatively popular amongst their members. The group itself is a very friendly and down to earth group of people who often share their enthusiasm for all things vape related. The group does a great job of making sure harassment, abuse or threatening behaviour is kept at an absolute minimum. They police this very well and insist that any unsavoury behavious such as this will result in removal from the group and a ban from the page. 

The group tries hard to look after the interests of it’s members by making sure it remains a completely neutral and unbiased social group. They don’t allow advertising from companies trying to leech customers from their followers. This results in it being a great place for conversing without any corporate nonsense. Members are very open and welcoming and it is a great place to ask for advice and share enthusiasm for anything vape related. Admins and moderators get involved and make the place feel comfortable and welcoming for new people, as well as existing members. Ultimately, this is a very close group of people with shared interests and humour and you’ll love sharing your experience with this group. You’ll be able to find advice on anything and find like minded people to converse with at any time. 

uk vape kings

UK Vape Kings

First of all, this facebook group has one of the most modest and stylish banners out of all the UKs vape related facebook groups. However, that’s not the only reason this group has made it into our vape community awards. This group has an incredible sense of community and their members seem to have a sense of shared humor, so every gets on well and it’s easy to find a number of in-jokes that keeps that close knit aspect going. 

This group serves as a great platform for sharing your enthusiasm for vape products and getting involved in a great social experience with other like minded people. This group is one of the best at creating an enjoyable community and making it’s members feel involved and included. Everyone in this group seems to feel right at home and comfortable to converse, share and offer help where needed. Some members even post videos and do live video chats, keeping things entertaining and friendly at all times. 

Another great thing about this group is that they sometimes offer brand new items for sale. Not only that but they also hold competitions and raffles with great prizes for those who take part. They share reviews and the moderators and admins get on great with everyone in the group.