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Vape pod kits

Pod systems are devices that use replacement pods instead of coils and refillable tanks. You get the device and put a pre-filled pod into them and vape away. It’s as simple as that. Vape pod kits are one of the newest innovative products that is taking the vaping industry by storm. They are ideal for people who want a hassle free vaping experience in a small, sleek and slender device. Not to mention vape pod kits are perfect for people who are wanting to replace cigarettes with something that is easy to use and gives a similar experience to what they’re used to.

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We have tried and tested all the best pod vapes uk wide to find the most reliable and efficient pod system vapes in the uk. Many of these devices have proven to become a favourite of new vapers and highly experienced vapers alike. We can guarantee that you are getting a 100% genuine product and we also include a generous warranty period, included completely free of charge.

A pod vape starter kit can really improve your vaping convenience. No need to mess around with coils and no need to deal with vape juice spillage, as they are ultimately leak proof. They are intuitive and very easy to use, even for a complete novice. They provide great flavour and a stealthy amount of vapor whilst still being small, light and easy to carry around.

Different types of vape pod system

All pod systems are ultra portable, incredibly simple to use and powerfully satisfying. However, there are differences between pod systems. The main differences being: non refillable or refillable, automatic or manual.

Refillable & non refillable

Non refillable vape pod systems
Non refillable pod mods are devices that require you to insert pre-filled pods full of e liquid. You can’t fill the pods back up with juice and there’s no need to change any coils. Once the pod is finished, simply replace the pod with a new one and you’re good to go again.

Refillable vape pod systems
Refillable pod mods are devices that use pods in the same way as non refillable pod systems. Once the coil is burned out, you simply replace the pod. However, when the juice runs out, you have the option of refilling the pod with your own juice. This allows you to re-use the pods repeatedly. It also allows you more choice of flavours as well.

Automatic & Manual

Automatic vape pod systems
Automatic pod systems are designed in a way where they activate when you inhale from them. There’s no need to press a button. They can tell when you’re inhaling and they work when you do. This is ideal for people who are used to this with cigarettes. Oh and you don’t need a lighter either obviously.

Manual vape pod systems
Manual pod systems require you to press a button to activate the device. They won’t activate on inhalation. The benefit of this is that it allows you to completely control the activation of the device.

The best juice for refillable vape pod kits

Since there’s not a lot of things to worry about with pod systems, there’s not a lot that you need to know. Especially since they are designed to be easy to use for even the most novice of vapers out there. However we’ve included a helpful guide for anything you might be unsure about.

The best juice for refillable pods
PG/VG – Most refillable pod vape devices will require you to use something that is high in PG. At least a 50/50 pg vg ratio. This is because most pod vape devices are built for thinner juice types. Unless your device states otherwise, it’s best to stick to this rule.

Nicotine – If you’re chasing the nicotine, it’s worth noting that pod systems emit a lower power than some other devices. You may need to go for a higher strength nicotine, to make sure you get the hit you’re looking for.

(if you’re using an aspire breeze 2 or aspire sprite aio, check below for more specific advice)

How long should my pods last

With refillable pods, you should find that your pods last between 1 week or 2 weeks, however it can be hard to say that this holds up for everyone, as different people use their device in completely different ways. Some people use their device very frequently where as other will only use it from time to time. So even with the best refillable pod vapes, your pod lifespan may differ slightly.
However, if you’re using non refillable pods, the pod will last as long as the juice. Once you’re out of juice, you’ll simply need to replace the pod. It depends how frequently you use your device.

Aspire Breeze 2 and the Aspire Spryte AIO

The aspire breeze 2 kit and the aspire sprite AIO kit are different to other vape pod kits. These pod systems use refillable pods but also feature replaceable coils as well. This means that you can use your pods indefinitely. When the juice runs out, just fill it up again. When the coils burns out, just simple replace it and your pod is back as brand new.
These devices also have the option of using different resistance coils. This means that you can use a lower resistance coil for more vapor production and it will also allow you to use a higher VG juice as well.
All these features makes the aspire breeze 2 kit and the aspire Spryte AIO kit the best refillable pod vapes for versatility and longevity.

How to charge pod vape systems

Vape pod kits are one of the simplest devices to charge. Simply plug them in with the usb cable supplied with your device. Let the vape pod kit charge for a while and you’re good to go. Most pod vape kits will have a light indicator to let you know when it is fully charged. Check your manual for more details.

It is recommended to charge your vape pod kit as often as possible. This will make sure that your device is always ready to go and you’re not left with an uncharged vape pod kit when you feel like you really need it.

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