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Sub ohm tanks

Sub ohm tanks are a type of tank that focuses on incredible power and performance. They are ideal for when vapers want to upgrade to something that improves the intensity of vapour and flavour they get form their device. They generally have a more open airflow, allowing for a smoother hit. There is also have a larger range of drip tip options, and of course replacement glass options, which can allow you to fit more juice in the tank. Sub ohm tanks are generally larger than other tanks but they do still come in a range of sizes. Sub ohm tanks are the essential upgrade for anyone looking to get a truly amazing vaping experience.

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We shave tried and tested all of the best sub ohm vape tanks on the market to find the best quality tanks for both efficiency and performance. Not only that but we can guarantee that you are getting a 100% genuine product and we also include a generous warranty period, included free of charge.

A new sub ohm vape tank is a powerful upgrade that can seriously improve the day to day experience that you get from your vape set up. A sub ohm vape tank can provide you with better flavour, more vapour and can give you the option to use better quality coils that will potential last longer and save you money on replacements as well.

Sub ohm power requirements

Sub ohm tanks often require a higher amount of power to use them. When using a sub ohm vape tank, it is recommended that you use a device that can work at a higher wattage setting. To help you make sure you’re using the right type of device, every coil will have a recommended wattage range for it to be used at. Check the wattage range and make sure that your device can work within that range. This is essential to get real results from your set up and the best experience possible.

The best juice to use with sub ohm vape tanks

Sub ohm tanks are designed to be used with thicker vape juices. That means that you need to be using a vape juice with a higher VG ratio. Ideally something similar to a 70vg 30pg vape juice or a juice with even higher VG. Most flavours are designed to be used with sub ohm coils so it will be easy to find a juice for your tank.

When it comes to nicotine, it’s recommended that you use a strength of 3mg nicotine. This is because sub ohm tanks produce quite a lot of vapour, so using a high nicotine strength can give you too much and it can be quite overwhelming. The maximum nicotine strength you should go up to would be a 6mg strength, however even this can be a bit too much for most people. Obviously, this is subjective so if you feel you need more, slowly work your way up to the right amount.

Additional features for sub ohm tanks

As well as great performance, sub ohm tanks can come with additional features and may also allow the use of other accessories to improve or customise your vape tank. These additional features can improve convenience and aesthetic as well as performance in some cases.

Sub ohm tank coils
Sub ohm tanks often have a range of compatible coils with different resistances and wattage ranges. This means you can customise your experience to suit your needs and potentially getting much better performance from your set up. Not only that but there are some tanks that can fit coils that light up when you use them. A novelty feature but it can still improve the aesthetic of your tank.

To give you a quick coil overview:

  • The lower the resistance of your coil, the quicker your battery drains as it takes more power to heat up the coil
  • The higher the resistance of your coil, the slower your battery will drain, as it takes less power to heat up the coil

Bubble glass and extended glass replacements
Many sub ohm tanks are compatible with replacement glass that can increase the juice capacity of the tank, allowing you to put more juice in it. This is obviously an amazing improvement for the convenience of your vape. You won’t have to fill it up as often and maybe you won’t even have to carry a bottle with you at all. Not to mention you can also get different colour glass as well, to match with your tank or device.

Drip tips
Sub ohm vape tanks are compatible with a huge range of drip tips (aka mouth pieces). Different drip tips not only improve the comfort of the tank when connecting with your mouth, but in some cases, they can also improve the air flow and flavour. Not only that but you can match the look and colour of the mouth piece with the colour of your device/tank.

Prevent your tank from getting stuck

Although sub ohm tanks are built to an amazing standard, sometimes user error can occur. Meaning that sometimes people end up getting their tank stuck to their device, due to a simple case of over tightening. This will cause you to be unable to remove the tank from the mod. Because the tank has been screwed onto the device with excessive force.

It’s important to only screw the tank tight enough so that you feel a little bit of tension and firmness. Don’t try screw it on any further. Screwing it on tighter could cause it to get stuck to the device.
Follow these handy tips and you should find that you won’t have any issues.

Prevent your sub ohm tank from leaking, burning or spitting

Sub ohm tanks are built with incredible quality, but even still with user error, problems can still occur. It’s possible for people to find that their tanks are either spitting juice into their mouth or leaking from the tank. This can usually be put down to a mistake on the users part.

To make sure that your tank is free from spitting and leaking, we’ve included some elite vaping secrets for you to follow:

Using the right kind of juice
Make sure you’re using a high VG vape juice for sub ohm tanks. As we mentioned earlier, Sub ohm tanks are designed for use with thicker juices. Using a juice that is too high in PG can cause it to leak from the tank.

Make sure everything is connected properly
Check that every part of your tank is connected properly, without any cross threading or loose sections. When parts of your tank aren’t connected properly, it can cause gaps, allowing your juice to leak from these gaps. On any top fill tanks, make sure that the tank is closed properly so that juice doesn’t leak when the tank isn’t sitting upright.

Be sure to buy your coils from a trusted retailer
Non genuine coils won’t have the same quality assurance as genuine ones. Make sure you buy your coils from a trusted retailer to get 100% genuine coils. Non genuine coils can burn our quickly and sometimes cause leaking as well.

Stick to the recommended wattage range
If you go above the recommended wattage range of your sub ohm coils, it can cause them to burn out quicker than usual.

Prime your coils before use
Before using a new coil, saturate the cotton by putting some juice onto the inside of the coil. This will help to prevent your coil from burning too quickly.

Vape Tank Brands

We stock vape tanks from numerous brands, including:

  • Aspire Sub ohm Tanks
  • Kangertech Tanks
  • Smok Tanks
  • Innokin Tanks
  • Joyetech Tanks
  • Limitless Tanks
  • Uwell Tanks
  • Eleaf Tanks
  • And of course Rebuildable atomizers as well

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