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SMOK Vape Tanks for sale

Smok vape tanks come in many different types and are known to be able provide an excellent vaping experience. Smok vape tanks are said to be some of the best sub ohm tanks for flavour and vapour production. At Lunar vape we have deals on all types of Smok vape tanks, for sale at cheap prices. If you’re looking for an upgrade to a new smok vape tank at a cheap price, this is the place for you. We stock the best uk smok vape tanks to suit all needs and budgets. Whether you’re new or veteran, looking for clouds or flavour, there’s a smok vape tank that’s right for you.

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There are many differences between smok vape tanks. From the incredible smok tfv8 vape tank all the way to the new smok baby prince tank. We have a huge range of smok vape tanks cheaper than amazon or ebay.

We stock a range of Smok vape tanks for sale from the company smoktech. We have tailored our shopping experience so that it is simple and easy to find the product you need. Below we have explained the differences of smok vape tanks to ensure that your choice of smok vape tank is a well informed one and will result in you getting guaranteed quality form your purchases.

When you shop with Lunar Vape we guarantee to sell 100% genuine range of smok vape tanks for prices that compete with the smok vape kits on ebay or amazon. And unlike some of the rogue sellers on those sites, we can guarantee good quality assurance on all of our products.


Smok vape tank differences

Smok tanks come in two major categories, the raw power category and the compact category. While smok tanks are all designed to be powerful and satisfying, some are also designed to try and harness this effect in a more compact size. If you’re looking for pure power and you don’t have a problem with a large tank, then stick to the raw power category. If you’re looking for a small and compact smok vape tank, have a look at the compact category.

Smok Tanks focusing on power

These are SMOK vape tanks that don’t sacrifice power for a compact size. Instead they go all out on their performance to make a smok vape tank full of flavour and vapor production. This category includes products such as the SMOK TFV12 Prince tank, SMOK TFV8 Big baby tank and SMOK TFV8 baby X tank.

Compact SMOK Tanks

These tanks, although still being powerful in their own right, are designed to be more compact and subtle than the tanks designed for raw power. Usually they are like smaller versions of the regular tank designs. These tanks include the SMOK baby tank, SMOK baby prince vape tank and the smok vape pen 22 tank.

Smok vape tank Compatibility Guide

This is our smok vape tank guide to ensure that your smok vape tank has the right compatibility for your device. We will explain the differences between smok tanks in terms of flavour, compatibility and cloud production. All of our smok tanks are designed to produce a good density of clouds and give nice flavours. However some are designed to be used at a higher power than others. And depending on what kind of device you have, the main difference you should be aware of is if the compatibility of your smok vape tank is right for your device.

For example, you may be wondering, “what tanks can I use with my smok alien mod?”.  With a device such as the alien, compatibility isn’t really an issue. The power of these devices can be altered to fit the wattage range of every smok tank available. So there’s not much of a need for a smok tank guide when it comes to what tanks I can use with my smok alien. This is the same for most other devices that have variable wattage, especially when they can reach powers of over 200W. If you have one of these variable wattage mods, almost any smok tank upgrade should work wonders with your device. As long as it can reach the amount of power that the tank recommends.

However, when it comes to a device that doesn’t have variable wattage, you need to make sure the replacement smok vape tank you choose uses the right coils resistance for the power output of your device. For example If you’re using something such as the V8 stick mod or maybe even the baby prince stick mod. You will need to get a tank that uses coils of the same resistance to the ones in your box. The easiest way to do this is to get a smok vape tank replacement that matches your device. So if you are using the baby prince stick, it’s best to get a smok baby prince tank to go with it.

Prevent you SMOK tank from leaking or spitting juice

These tanks are built incredibly well, however, some people do still find that their smok tanks are always leaking or spitting juice. This is usually an issue with user error as this isn’t a known issue with these SMOK tanks. To ensure that your smok tank is less prone to leaking or flooding, follow these few elite vaping secrets:

  • Make sure that the juice you are using is right for your tank and coil type. With smok tanks, you should be using a vape juice that is high in VG and low in PG. Too much PG can cause leaking and flooding of your smok tank, causing it to spit and waste juice.
    VG is thicker and is what your smok tanks are designed for.
  • Make sure the parts of your smok tank and the coil are properly connected. Any kind of cross threading or loose O rings can cause the smok tanks to leak or flood, the same way as any other tank would. Make sure the threading of the tanks line up and screw in together properly, and you should find that your smok tank is always free form leaking or spitting juice.
Prevent your smok tank from getting stuck

Sometimes, usually due to a user error, people find that their SMOK tank is stuck on the mod and can’t be unscrewed. This is a simple case of over tightening, where the tank has been screwed onto the device with excessive force.

Ultimately, when screwing on the tank, you only need to feel a slight firmness and then stop screwing. Screwing it on too tight can cause problems where the smok tank is stuck on the mod and won’t screw off.

Follow these handy tips and you’ll find that you will have a SMOK free from leaking and getting stuck on the mod.

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