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Smok Vape Kits

Smok Vape Kits are fantastic e cig set ups that can provide a fantastic experience for every type of vaper. All smok kits come with everything you need to get started right away, including your smok mod, tank, coils and charging cable. Here we have cheap smok vape kit deals for everyone, ranging from the beginner vaper looking for the best smok vape starter kit, all the way to the most experienced vaper looking for a high powered smok mod and smok tank combo that produces plumes of vapor.



UK Smok vape kit deals come in many varieties to fit the needs of every vaper. From the SMOK alien vape mod kit all the way to the smok vape pen 22 e-cigarette kit. We have a huge range of cheap deals on smok vape kits that will help you get an incredibly high-quality device for a fantastic price. If you’re looking for the best cheap UK smok vape kits, for sale prices, Lunar Vape is the place for you.

We stock a range of smok mods and smok vape kits for sale from the company smoktech. We have tailored our shopping experience so that it is simple and easy to find the product you need. Below we have explained the difference between the types of smok kit to ensure that your choice of smok kit is a well informed one and will result in you getting guaranteed quality form your purchases.

When you shop with Lunar Vape we guarantee to sell 100% genuine smok mod kits for prices that compete with the smok vape kits on ebay or amazon. And unlike some of the rogue sellers on those sites, we can guarantee good quality assurance on all of our products.

Smok vape kit differences

Every smok kit comes with the perfectly compatible tank for your smok mod. and all our smok vape kits are high powered devices with fantastic cloud production and flavour. With this in mind, the only real differences you should be aware of are whether your smok vape kit comes built in batteries or external batteries. The other difference to be aware of are ultimately the size of your device, whether you want a large turbo powered machine or a more small and stealthy smok vape pen styled kit.

Many of these smok vape kits can run 220w power, such as the smok alien vape mod kit, smok procolor vape kit or the smok H priv vape kit. These are the high powered turbo machines we mentioned earlier. These 220w smok vape kits can be on the larger side and usually require external batteries. However, they output a lot of power and can be customised to a fuller extent, making it possible to get your perfect vape experience more easily.

On the other hand you have more discrete and stealthy smok kits which are on the smaller side. Some of these include the vape pen 22 e-cigarette mod kit and the all new smok mini mod kit range. These smok mini mod kits (aka smok baby kits) are like smaller versions of the bigger mods, following the same designs but with a more compact size. These smaller and stealthier smok kits come with internal batteries included, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying batteries separately. They are also more compact, but still pack a punch to compete with larger mods such as the Smok H priv vape kit. If you’re looking for something with good power and a smok kit with batteries included, these are likely the devices for you.

Smoktech are always innovating and pushing the bar by releasing incredible new products all the time. Some of the best starter vape kits are from smok, and the smok vape kits that come with high powered mods and equally high powered tanks are some of the most popular on the market.

We stock all of the most popular Smok kits such as the Smok alien vape mod kit, smok vape pen 22 mod kit, smok procolor vape kit and even the latest in smoks new mini vape kits range (aka smok baby kits). The prices we have are cheaper than when you buy a smok vape kit from ebay or amazon, but unlike those sites, we can guarantee a genuine product with great quality assurance.

Smok vape mod Instructions

Here we have included some helpful advice and instructions for smok vape kits, of all varieties. Since all smok mods generally have the same general functioning techniques, it’s easy to apply the same instructions for your smok vape pen 22 as you would with your instructions for the smok alien vape kit.

First off we will start with something very simple such as turning on and off your smok vape kit. It’s as simple as this, 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off. You’ll know when your device is turned on by either a flashing light near the button or the display of the LED screen.

Secondly we have charging instructions and advice on how to effectively charge each smok vape kit. For the smok vape pen 22 the charging instructions are simple, just simply plug the USB into the port and it’s as simple as that. This goes for most smok devices, especially those with an internal battery such as the smok mini vape kits, smok v8 stick kits and smok prince kits.

You can use the USB port to charge all smok devices, even those with external batteries. However, it’s worth noting that it is recommended to charge external batteries with an external charger, as this will prolong the longevity of your batteries and keep them fresher for longer. If you have any queries about charging your vape pen 22, check the instruction manual for any further information. This goes for all of the other smok vape kits as well. If there’s any information we missed out, be sure to check your instruction manual for extra info on charging your device.

How to use the smok vape kit menu system

First off, how to enter the menu on your smok alien, or any other smok kit with a menu system. Similar to how you turn on and off the device, by pressing the fire button 5 times in succession. However, to access the menu system, you must press it only 3 times in succession. From here you can press the up and down (+/-) buttons to navigate through the system and access the mode settings, puff counter, contrast and stealth settings, etc. How to enter the smok alien menu is generally that same method as entering the smok procolor menu and any other smok kit with a screen system.

Mode settings

The mode settings allow you to swap from wattage mode to temperature control mode. It also allows you to the strength of your vape also. The strength of your vape in wattage mode is altered by changing it to hard, normal & soft setting. On temperature control mode, you can change the strength of your vape with a secondary wattage setting and it will allow you to select the material of your coil.

Puff counter

The puff counter will tell you how many puffs have been taken since the puff counter was last reset. You can also set a limit, so that after you’ve taken a certain amount of puffs it will remind you of your limit. That’s if you want to use this feature of course.


Here you will find stealth mode, which will allow the smok vape kit to be used without the need for the screen to be on. It basically will prevent the showing of any lights, to make your vape more stealthy.

You will also find a contrast setting, which will allow you to adjust the brightness of your screen, from bright to dim. There could also be an option to allow your to rotate your screen by 180 degrees depending on your device. The smok alien and procolor menu don’t have this option, but the T-Priv and others will.

You will also find an option to adjust your ohms, if you know what you’re doing. This is only recommended to be used by highly knowledgeable vapers who know about ohms and resistances.

There will be an option available for firmware downloads and finally a power off setting. This will turn your device off completely and not just lock the device. To turn it back on again, it’s 5 clicks of the fire button again.

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