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The best rhubarb eliquid has to be rhubarb and custard

Rhubarb eliquid? Does anyone even know what raw rhubarb tastes like? It’s not a fruit and it’s not sweet. Sure it’s tarty, but does anyone really want a rhubarb vape juice? Well rhubarb can be very nice under the right circumstances. It’s a very old plant and all throughout its history people have been cooking it and combining it with fruits and sugars to create delicious deserts.

If you’ve never had rhubarb and custard ejuice, you’re missing out

It will be hard to find a pure rhubarb eliquid without the addition of custard. Rhubarb and custard is what rhubarb is known for. Surely everyone has tried a rhubarb and custard before. If you haven’t where have you been? It’s not a recent creation. And surely everyone enjoys the rhubarb and custard sweets, right? Regardless of whether you’ve tried them or not, now this flavor comes in the form of vape juice. Furthermore, it’s absolutely delicious. Spot on with the flavor it’s trying to recreate. One of the nicest example I’ve tried of this flavor is rhubarb and custard pie from the nanas crumble juice range.

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