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Finding the best redcurrant eliquid for me

Redcurrant eliquid is difficult to find. After all it’s not a common flavor that you find in many vape juices. this can be a problem for those of us who know we love redcurrants. A little hint for finding a redcurrant flavor is to look for mixed fruit juices. With a focus on forest fruits in particular. Some of these forest fruit juices contain the redcurrant flavor and it would be difficult to find a redcurrant flavor on its own. On the other hand, you could look for juices with similar tastes and a similar flavor profile to redcurrants.

Juices that match the flavor profile of redcurrant eliquid

When looking for something that matches the flavor of a redcurrant eliquid, you want to look for similar fruits. Mixed fruit concoctions will often have that hint of redcurrant that you’re looking for. For example, forest brain chill contains a wide range of mixed forest fruit flavors. Including blackcurrant and raspberry. You will easily pick up on the redcurrant taste in this juice. It also comes with a splash of menthol to give you a refreshing blast of ice.

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