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The best pear eliquid out there and is it for me?

If you’re anything like me, you love the mild and sweet taste of pears and would love that same flavour in a pear eliquid. I love them when they’re crunchy and i love them when they’re juicy. Pears are a great flavour on their own, when mixed with apples or most other fruits. The pear flavor can really bring a juicy and succulent feel to a vape juice. Additionally it can result in a smooth and easy to vape concoction while maintaining mouthwatering flavors.

The best mixtures and juices to make, using pear eliquid

Some of the pear eliquids i know are amazing. Fruit mixtures with pear as a front line ingredient have such mouth melting feel, it always makes you want more. Possibly the best fruit you can combine pear with is peach, as both of these fruits have that juicy and sweet quality to them. While the flavors are different, they compliment each other very well. This exact combination can be found in a bottle of peachy pears, by monster fruits. Alternatively, there is a juice called honey pear in the fruities range of juice. This juice perfectly combines the succulent taste of pear with the thick and sweet flavor of honey. The honey makes the original taste of the pear shine brighter than ever before.


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