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The best mango eliquid for the ideal tropical experience

When you think of creating the perfect fruity concoction, you have to include mango eliquid. Mango has that thick and smooth sensation to it that doesn’t come with many other fruits. Furthermore, mango is one of the few fruits that really makes you think of a warm summers day, or tropical beaches. In fact, i’d go as far as to say that mango is one of my favourite fruit flavors of all time. No doubt, mango can be used as a great mixer for making all sorts of beautiful eliquid concoctions.

From Pineapple mango eliquid to peachy mango eliquid, the combinations are fantastic

There are some outstanding mango eliquid varieties available on the market already. Such as kiwi mango pop, which combines mango and kiwi for a fruity tropical taste. Additionally it has a hint of cooling to keep it fresh. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a cake based mango flavor, look no further than exotic cream cakes. Cakey yet fresh and exotic. Finally, if you’re looking for something truly unique and refreshing, there is purple ice cubes and keii. Keii is a refreshing mango and lime juice. It has the perfect cooling aspect that you find in a lot of Malaysian juices. Purple ice cubes is a head rush of mango, blackcurrant and menthol that will really make you feel alive and awake. Absolutely delicious.

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3 FOR £25.60
3 FOR £25.60
3 FOR £25.60
Malaysian Juice 3 for £17.99
Malaysian Juice 3 for £17.99