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Refreshing citrus and the best lime eliquid

Lime eliquid makes for an incredibly refreshing vape juice, in the same way as it does with food and drink. Put a bit of lime in your beer and it’s nicer. Sprinkle a bit of lime on your stir fry and it brings out all the flavors of the dish. It works in a similar way with eliquid. The addition of lime can really bring out the complexities in the other flavors, while adding a zesty citrus feel. A number of juices use lime to add a refreshing feel to their juice. An example of this is Keii from bewitching juice, which is a mango and lime eliquid that is truly refreshing. Not only does it have the signature Malaysian cooling aspect, but the lime really makes it perfect for that summers day.

Blends range from key lime eliquid to cola lime eliquid

There are a number of delicious juices that use lime as a key ingredient. Even just a hint of lime can really bring out the flavor of other fruits. Any fan of citrus flavors is likely to love citrus fizz, a lemon and lime fizzy lemonade that will remind you of a cold can of pop on a hot day. similarly, if you’re looking for something with a strong lime flavor, Neon slush might be ideal. It is a strong mystery flavor with strong hints of lime, with cooling and fizzy sensations. It’s a truly unique flavor that’s hard to describe. Finally, if you’re a fan of cola, the addition of the lime makes it all the more delicious, making you want to come back for more.

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