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Tropical mixes with the best guava eliquid

Guava eliquid is another intense tropical flavor to take you away to sunny beaches. Guava is one of those fruits where it can be sweet and sour at the same time. Consequently, this is great to make flavors for people who love sour fruits. No doubt guava goes well with other tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango or oranges. Strangely enough it’s quite difficult to find juices with the flavor profile of guava, but they do exist. Additionally, when the flavours are done right, it’s a very unique and interesting juice flavor.

The exotic taste of tropical mixes including the best guava eliquid

To recreate that true exotic and tropical experience, it’s best to blend tropical fruits together. Juices such as tropical twist, from the fruities range, This juice has a hint of guava hidden behind the strong pineapple and mango flavors. On the other hand there’s something similar but with a menthol blast. The brain chill range has a juice called Fruit chill. It’s tropical, with hints of guava and an ice cold breeze to back it up. Finally, when it comes to something that’s focused on guava as a main ingredient, it doesn’t get any better than guava sour candy from I’m lovin juice. This juice combines the complexity of guava with lime, which brings out the complexity even further, with a bit of fizz added to it to give it a pop.

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