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Savour the taste of the best dragon fruit eliquid

Dragon fruit eliquid is based on one of the most interesting looking fruits in the world. It look magical and tastes unique. On one hand it’s exotic and interesting. On the other hand, it’s not too sweet or sugary. In fact the flavor of dragon fruit is very subtle and hard to capture in an eliquid. However there are some fantastic dragon fruit vape juices out there. Additionally, when mixed with other fruits or flavors the dragon fruit can be really complimentary.

The best dragon fruit eliquid blends. The best flavor combinations.

Dragon fruit eliquid can be a really good choice when searching for an all day vape. It’s not too sweet and it’s not too bland. It’s the perfect middle ground fruit, packed full of subtle flavors. Dragon fruit slush is a vape juice with all the complexity of dragon fruit and a hint of cooling to make it extra refreshing. Perfect for a sunny day. Alternatively there is an interesting juice that combines dragon fruit with cheesecake to create a deliciously subtle cake flavor. Dragon cheesecake is a delight from start to finish. As for fruit mixes, dragons rain combines dragon fruit with strawberry. Where as sinful dragon drip combines dragon fruit with peach. Both of which make for beautiful all day vapes, as the dragon fruit mellows out the strength of the sweet fruit.

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