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Trying to mix the best coconut eliquid

When it comes to coconut eliquid, and coconut flavor in general, it’s hit and miss. Not everyone loves it. However, for those who do love it, it’s usually a favourite of theirs. Due to this, there isn’t as many coconut flavors as there is strawberry and apple flavors. As those are fruits that generally everyone likes. But coconut has more of a niche appeal. For those with refined tastes. The main way that coconut makes its way into a vape juice is usually in the background of a tropical juice mix. But if you find a nice coconut flavor, it mixes well with most fruity and cake flavors.

The best coconut e liquid for mixing

The nicest coconut eliquid I’ve tried so far is snake bite. Snake Bite is a well balanced and highly refreshing mixture of sweet coconut water and apple juice. I’ve known people who don’t usually like coconut to still like this juice, and the coconut is still fairly strong. It’s just the combination of coconut and apple that works so well, and would make for a great vape on a summers day. More so with pina slush, a juice that blends coconut cream with pineapple. It has a hint of koolada to give it a refreshing cooling aspect.

Finally tigers blood is a juice that takes the ever so popular strawberry and watermelon mix. Then it fuses that mix with coconut to give it an exotic feel. Truly astounding. However, out of all these juices, snake bit mixes best with other juices, as the coconut and apple will mix with any other fruit juice well.

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