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Our best blackberry eliquid flavors

When you think of finding the best blackberry eliquid out there, it’s tough. You want to find the blackberry eliquid recipe. One that manages to capture the succulent and juicy sensation that blackberries have. It’s easy enough to recreate the sweet part of the blackberry, but difficult to match the subtle earthiness and tarty flavor they have. When you find the best blackberry juice, you will find that it will remind you of when you walk around in the summer. It will remind you of finding wild blackberry bushes and grabbing a couple of treats from their vines. Refreshing and mouthwatering.

The ideal blackberry eliquid recipe

To create the best blend of blackberry eliquid, you are looking for juices that mix blackberries with other flavors that compliment it well. Menthol blackberry is a popular choice as it results in something twice as refreshing. On one hand you get the refreshing sweetness from the blackberry. On the other hand you get the refreshing icy blast that comes with the menthol. Additionally, with other fruits that compliment blackberries well, you need a fruit that will guarantee a mix that keeps that bramble feel, such as strawberry, raspberry or blackcurrant. Sharp and earthy fruits that compliment each other well.

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