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Looking for the best banana eliquids on the market

Banana eliquid flavors can be versatile and easily mixable with a number of different flavors. With a sweet and thick feel to them, banana eliquids can be creamy, fruity and full of texture all at the same time. Banana flavors appeal to the part of the brain that chases nostalgia and wants to re live the flavor of our childhood when we would drink banana milkshake or put bananas on our corn flakes. This mind set has resulted in a number of delicious banana eliquid blends on the market today.

From Strawberry banana eliquids to penut butter banana eliquids

As banana eliquid blends well with countless other flavors, it’s possible to find banana based juices of many varieties. If you’re only interested in fruity flavors, try a strawberry banana eliquid flavor. If you’re a fan of cake based flavors there are juices out there such as banana bread eliquid or penut butter banana eliquid. Why not relive your childhood with a banana milkshake flavor. Relive dessert time, during school dinners, with a banana custard eliquid. There are even menthol banana eliquids out there for a cool and fruity flavor.

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