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Vape devices

Vape devices are what we’re all looking for when we want a new vape set up. When you’re looking for the best vape mods, you’re essentially looking to upgrade the powerhouse of your vaping set up. Whether you’re looking for a meaty monster cloud machine or a sleek, small and stylish compact vape device. There are plenty of vape mods for sale that will fit your needs.

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Lunar vape have tried and tested the full range of vape devices and only stock the best vape mods uk wide. We can ensure that our vape mods for sale are 100% genuine and come with an incredible generous warranty period, included completely free of charge.

There are vape devices ranging from fun and flashy vape mods with tonnes of features and aesthetics, to vape devices that are sleek and subtle. If you’re looking for an upgrade, that’s brilliant! Regardless of if want an incredible performance boost, extra features or maybe even just a fancy new device to play with, we’ve got you covered with a huge range!

Getting the best vape mods to suit your needs is like upgrading from a cheap watch to a rollex. Not only will it get the job done, but you’ll find it will be far more efficient and stylish than anything you’ve had before. You don’t realise how much of an impact it can have until you’ve tried it. A new vape device can give you the option to use different tanks more efficiently and generally improve your vaping experience all together.

Choosing from the best vape mods

When upgrading your vape device to something that is more sophisticated and powerful, it’s important to consider your requirements. The main things to consider are the size, looks and features you would want. For a quick guide on the most important factors, check below:


You need to know what kind of wattage output your vape mod will need. For example, if you’re using a tank uses coils with a recommended wattage range of 100-200w, the box mod you get will need to be able to meet these power requirements. Meaning you’ll need to look at vape mods 100w or more. Vape mods that produce more power than your average starter kit can be used with lower resistance atomizer coils. Meaning that you can get more vapour and a higher intensity of flavour. It’s worth noting that higher powered vape mods will most likely need a higher battery capacity.

Battery Life

Some vape mods have a larger battery capacity than others. A larger battery means that the device will last you longer in between charging and allow you to use higher powers for longer. If you’re wanting to use your device at a higher power, you will really need a larger battery as well. Since using a higher power will obviously drain your battery at a quicker rate.

Customisation and control

Some vape devices have additional features which allow you more control over the function of your set up and the experience you get from your vape.
Variable wattage will allow you to change the power output of your device. Pass through charging will allow you to use your device while it is on charge. Puff counters can tell you how often you’ve used your device and potentially even set a limit on your usage. Some mods will also allow you to change how quickly the coil heats up to produce vapour. Temperature control is an alternative way to use your device, which will allow you to control the temperature of the coil, as opposed to just the wattage output of the device. (bare in mind that you will need to use a coil that is compatible with temp control, such as: nickel, titanium or stainless steel)

Vape device types

There are numerous categories for vape mods such as: Removable battery, Built-in battery, box mods, squonk box mods and vape pen batteries. All of these categories come with their pros and cons, but ultimately they are all a great way of improving your vape set up in different ways.

Box mods

Box vape mods are generally considered the most powerful type of vape device. They are different from other vape devices in the way that they usually have a larger battery capacity, whether it uses external batteries or a built in battery. They tent to last a lot longer than vape pens and starter kits. Box mods are larger and allow for different tanks, atomizers, coils and batteries to be used. They are good for people who want to customize their vape experience to suit their desires. They often have features such as temp control, adjustable wattage, sub ohm capabilities and tank customization.

Squonk vape mods

Squonk mods are otherwise known as bottom feeding mods. They are a way to use rebuildable dripping atomizers (aka Drippers) without having to drip liquid onto them. These devices let you get all the flavour and vapour of an RDA without the inconvenience. They feature a bottle within the device that feeds juice to the coils when you squeeze it. Not to mention, these bottles can hold quite a lot of juice.

Vape pen batteries

These are the battery component of your vape pens, they hold all of the power and provide it to the tank/coils. These are obviously very compact and small. They are equipped with enough power to run standard mouth to lung vape tanks but there are sub ohm vape pen batteries as well, allowing you to get good cloud and flavour form your sub ohm tanks, but in a compact form.

Built in batteries and external batteries

Built in battery vape mods.

Internal battery box mods come with a battery built into the device and can’t be removed. They are perfect for USB charging and for a simple to use device. There is less weight to the device and no need to worry about what batteries to choose.

Built-in battery pros.

It is sometimes cheaper to buy a built in battery vape mod, than it is buying batteries separate from the device. A built in battery can also result in a lighter device. Built in battery mods can output a power from anywhere from 40w+ to 100w+. Some internal battery mods can go well above this and will have the battery life to back it up.

Built-in battery cons.

With built in battery vape mods you can only charge them via USB charger. You don’t have the option of using an external charger. You won’t be able to replace the batteries in the future. When it comes to battery life, some come with smaller batteries and some come with very large batteries. We’ve explained the battery life of each product, so keep an eye out for that information.

External battery vape mods.

External battery vape mods don’t come with batteries, instead the batteries are bought separate from the device and can be replaced at will, allowing you to further customise your power and battery.

External battery pros.

There are many advantages to external batteries. You will have more choice of battery life, as there are single battery mods, dual battery mods, three battery mods and even four battery mods. There are different battery sizes as well, so you have 2 x 18650 battery mods and you also have mods that take one or more of your 20700 or 21700 batteries. With batteries like this, you will get more power and a longer battery life too. With external battery vape box mods the power can generally be pushed higher. If you’re looking for a 200w or 220w vape mod, you’ll probably be looking for external batteries.
Lifespan of your vape device can be increased indefinitely, Since you can replace batteries once they start to die out.

External battery cons.

External battery box mods can be heavier than built in battery box mods, since there is a larger battery capacity. Also, although you can charge your batteries through the USB cable, it’s recommended to charge external batteries with an external battery charger, prolonging the life of the batteries in the long term.

How to use your vape mod

To avoid you having to do any additional research on how to most efficiently use your vape mod. If you’re having any issues with your vape devices/box mods not firing, not turning on or getting hot, we have some hints on how to avoid confusion with your device.

How to charge your vape device

Most vape devices allow you to charge your device with a USB cable. This is often a convenient and easy way to charge your device, especially if you’re using a device with a built in battery. However, if you’re using a device that takes external vape batteries, it’s recommended that you use an external battery charger. Although you can use the USB cable to charge many external battery devices, an external charger will help to prolong the lifespan of your batteries in the long term.

Vape device not turning on

If you’re finding that your vape mod isn’t turning on, or if it isn’t firing up like it should, there are a number of things your should try. First of all, check that your batteries are the correct way round. Make sure the positive and negative ends match up with the positive and negative symbols of the device. It’s also important to make sure that your batteries have sufficient charge. Other possibilities is that the button might be stuck, try moving it around and see if you can loosen it up. Check your tank is attached properly and that the coil isn’t burned out or screwed in incorrectly. If you’ve followed these guidelines and you can’t work out the issue yourself, you should try and seek the opinion of a vape store. They may be able to find a solution.

Vape mod getting hot

If you find that your vape mod is getting hot during use it could be one of multiple causes. First of all you have to realise that all vape mods get hot during use, it’s fairly normal. The only time you need to worry is if it gets unusually hot at an alarming rate. This could be down to a number of factors.

Are your batteries genuine?

Sometimes overheating can occur from not having batteries that are of genuine quality. You have to be careful where you get your batteries from. Make sure you get them form a trusted retailer. Trusted retailers have good quality assurance and will always provide you with batteries that are safe.

Battery ventilation

Every mod has an area of the device where the heat from the batteries can escape. It’s important to make sure that you don’t cover up these vents when you’re using your device. Otherwise you could find excessive heat.

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