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Tobacco flavours with a modern twist! Lunar Vape UK’s From the Ashes E-liquid range takes the traditional tobacco flavours of the past and resurrects them. Combining them with dessert, custard, fruit, and nut flavours and making them super yummy. Sometimes a vaper feels like they’re missing out on the tobacco flavour they once enjoyed so much. No excuse for the old cravings when you have From the Ashes. Handcrafted by our very own in-house flavouristas, then tried, tested, and tweaked by our very demanding vaping gurus – only the smoothest, richest tobacco blends make it to our shelves to satisfy your vaping pleasure.

Lunar Vape UK offer in-store taste testing (try before you buy) on every single E-juice we stock. So why not visit us and sample our high-VG From the Ashes E-liquid. Everyone knows that smoking is dead and vaping is the future, From the Ashes brings tobacco flavour bang up to date!