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For lovers of symmetry, Lunar Vape UK presents perfectly balanced Double Up E-liquid. Some things just ‘go’ together; they have synergised rhythmical symmetry at its very best. Lemon and Lime, Coffee and Cream, Ant and Dec for example, marriages made in heaven. Double Up E-Liquid is a beautifully synchronised range of juices featuring flavours that are the very definition of star crossed lovers, and will always remain soulmates. Handcrafted by our very own in-house flavouristas, then tried, tested, and tweaked by our very demanding vaping gurus – only the most harmonious of blends make it to our shelves to satisfy your vaping pleasure.

Lunar Vape UK offer in-store taste testing (try before you buy) on every single E-juice we stock. So pop in for a visit, and sample our high-VG Double Up E-Liquid range for yourself. You might even find an all day vape that suits you perfectly!