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Grab yourself a cool blast from the past with Lunar Vape UK’s Popsicles E-liquid range. A delicious take on ice-cream van retro. Yummy classics such as Screwball, Rocket Lolly and Twister will take you straight back to your childhood days. Remember listening for the chimes of the ice cream man’s van and hoping that he hadn’t sold out of your favourite? Handcrafted by our very own in-house flavouristas, then tried, tested, and tweaked by our very demanding vaping gurus. Only the very best Screw-Ballsiest recipes make it to our shelves to indulge your vaping pleasure.

Lunar Vape UK offer in-store taste testing (try before you buy) on every single E-juice we stock. So come on by and see why people are raving about our high-VG Popsicles E-Liquid. We promise you won’t have to chase the ice-cream van down the road, and these popsicles won’t melt in your hot little hands!