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Smok coils come in many varieties to fit a range of Smok tanks that the Chinese company Smoktech produce. From the Smok baby beast coils all the way to the brand new trending Smok Prince coils.

When you shop with Lunar Vape, we guarantee to sell 100% genuine Smoktech coils.



Smok coils UK Differences

We stock all of the latest Smok coils like the Smok baby beast coils, Smok tfv8 coils, and even the Smok Vape Pen 22 coils.

Smoktec describes their coils as “unique patented turbo engines. Namely, the Smok tfv8 baby beast coils and the Smok tfv12 prince coils would fall into this category of vape coil engineering prowess.

There are many differences between the atomizer coils for Smok tanks. Every Smok tank comes with a complete range of atomizer coils and with every coil comes a recommended wattage range printed on the side of each one.

Every coil has a different resistance [Ohm] rating with three key differences, Vapour production, flavour production, and even battery life.

Quick overview:

  • The lower the resistance, the faster your battery drains, and as a result, the more vapour production produced.
  • The higher the resistance, the slower your battery drains but, the less vapour production is produced.
  • Concerning flavour, this is always going to be subjective, so it is still best to try yourself and form your own opinion.

Other than this very rough guide other vital factors can dictate how much flavour and vapour production is produced, such as the internal diameter and how the airflow circulates within the coil.

As there is no clear-cut guide which Smok vape coil is best for you, it is always best to experiment and simply try the range yourself, at least until you find one that suits you.

Smoktech coil ranges:

When Smoktech introduces a new Smok tank they also are accompanied by a full range of atomizer coils.

The common Smoktech trend of coils ranges consists of:

Smok Q2 Coil

Smok X4 Coil

Smok T6 Coil

Smok T8 Coil

Smok T10 Coil

Smok T12 Coil

Smok Mesh Coils

Thus far they have used this coil model for the TFV4, TFV8, TFV12 and the baby beast ranges.


What we do know about Smok is they continue to innovate, and their coils are no exception. Just one of the latest improvements is the new Smok mesh coil.

The Smok mesh coils have been trending as of late for their next level flavour, vapour production potential, and exceptional longevity.

SMOK ATOMISER Coils Explained

SMOK is an incredibly popular company and has been producing a plethora of vape coils left to right and center. They make fantastic atomizer coils for every Smok vape tank.

Since the company began, Smoktec has produced many vape coils that provide decent performance at affordable costs. Because of this, there is a bounty of different atomizer coils and atomizer coil heads available. Ranging from low powered coils that are perfect for mouth to lung vaping, to high powered coils that produce plumes of vapor, ideal for intense sub ohm vaping.

Smoktech produces a wide range of vape tanks and of course providing a plethora of different Smok coils to suit.

How long do SMOK coils last?

Usually, Smok coils last between one week and two weeks.

It’s difficult to ensure this is the same for everyone, especially when everybody’s usage is different. Some people might chain vape, over and over again, not letting the juice get into their coils as efficiently. Other people might just take an inhale from time to time.

Our Advice:

If your Smok coils are burning too soon, please make sure you read the following:


We get reports on a daily basis saying that Smok coils only last a day, but this is usually due to user error. Short coil Longevity can be avoided by efficiently soaking the coil inside and outside with e-liquid before use.

Sweet Juice:

Sweet e-liquid is enjoyed by many, but with pleasure there comes pain. Unfortunately, when you are using a very sweet e-liquid, your vape coils will inevitably degrade and burn your coils much faster than lesser sweet e-liquids.

Chain Vaping:

Some users vape too much too quickly, if you are one of these users, please be wary as you might allow your coils to dry out. Closing your air flow helps re-juice the inner parts of the atomizer coil, but if you like to keep your airflow wide open, slow your vaping down a notch.


If you do not think the above are the causes of your vape coils degrading quickly, perhaps it is time for you to question legitimacy.

In the UK fake Smok coils do exist. Many reports we hear from our customers have purchased such coils from rogue sellers found on eBay and Amazon.

Avoid SMOK coils leaking

To help prevent your Smok coils from leaking, please follow our straightforward guide.

Wrong e-liquids:

The biggest reason your Smok coils leak is because you may be using the incorrect e-liquid. We recommend with any cloud chasing sub-ohm tank you use a juice with more VG than PG, as an example: 60/40 VG-PG, 70/30 VG-PG or an 80/20 VG-PG will suffice.

Wattage too low:

This one is easy, everytime you take a puff pressure increases inside the vape tank and pulls more e-liquid into the coil to keep it saturated. However, if your wattage is too low, you will not be burning off enough e-liquid from the coil, and as a result, you will flood the tank. Simple fix: increase your wattage.

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