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Aspire coils are an essential replacement for all aspire vape tanks to keep your vape juice tasting clean and fresh. If you are new to vaping and are left wondering why your Aspire Coils are burning, the most likeliest of reasons are that you’ve either not soaked the inside of the coils, or your coils have worn out, either way, your Aspire Coils will need replacing.

Whether you’re looking for Aspire Cleito Coils, Aspire Nautilus Coils or perhaps the increasingly popular Aspire Nautilus 2 Coils your likely to be in the right place for all Aspire Coil replacements.

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If you’re concerned about your Aspire Coils burning, or you are unsure how long Aspire Coils last, we have written a guide below giving you advice on how to prevent your aspire coils burning out too fast, and to help you set them up the right way. We will also guide you to find the correct Aspire replacement coil for your particular Aspire tank and also offer a little bit of expert guidance.

Aspire coils, also known as Aspire atomizer heads, are not a one size fits all coil, for every Aspire tank comes a range of Aspire coils. We stock many coils from the company Aspire Cig but some of the most popular are Aspire Nautilus coils,  the Legendary Aspire Cleito coils and even the Aspire Pockex Coils. If you use an Aspire tank or Kit, this is where you will find the right coils for you. Please ensure you are buying the right type of Aspire coil and make sure that it is compatible with your Aspire vape tank. If you need any help we have a team of experts who are eager and waiting to help you make the right choice from the chat box at the bottom of this web page.

Aspire Coils Explained

Aspire produces a plethora of vaping coils for it’s impressive range of vaping tanks, and as such, they have earned and have increasingly become, one of the most highly regarded vape tank manufacturers globally. Since the company began, they have created some incredible devices and tanks that provide amazing performance. Due to this, their coils range from low powered mouth to lung coils to powerful Aspire Sub Ohm coils.

Aspire are known by many to produce high quality coils with good performance and longevity. Not only that, but since a number of their coils utilise a uniformed coil fitting and threading, more specifically the Aspire Atlantis coil, there are some different aspire tanks that still can use the same coils as others. Of course this means that in some cases, if you’re due for an upgrade, you may be able to use the same coil as before. It’s important to check this is the case with your desired upgrade. Is you’re wondering about aspire coils and how long they last, just keep reading.

Aspire coils, how long do they last?

Most of the time when we get asked the question “how long should the aspire coils last?”, we will usually say that they should be lasting around 1 or 2 weeks. Aspire are quite well known for their coil quality and coil longevity. However, this should only be taken as a guide due to the fact that every persons usage is different. Some vapers excessively vape and use their device all the time whilst others will use less. Obviously there are a lot of factors that go into how long a coil will last.

If you happen to be having an issue with your Aspire coils burning or your Aspire coils not lasting as long as you would like them to, check our guides below. These guides will explain the best ways to make your coils last longer.

Sometimes it’s easy for mistakes to be made and we have heard some people claim their coils haven’t lasted as long as their other aspire coils. This is usually a case of user error, as Aspire coils generally are made to a high standard.

To ensure this isn’t something that you do will all your coils, refer to our guides on how to effectively prime your coils before use. Other factors might include using the wrong kind of juice and maybe even using too much power that your coils aren’t designed to handle.

Aspire COIL usage guide and how to choose

Due to the amount of Aspire coils AspireCig has produced for it’s impressive range of vaping tanks, It will be difficult for us to go indepth on every single vape coil Aspire produces, We will however, give you a through enough overview so you can effectively, choose, operate and prepare your coil like a pro!

What Aspire coils resistance? Coils come in a range of shapes, sizes and resistances. It’s important to check that you’re getting the right type of vape coil. Since not all resistances will work with all vape devices so please refer to your device packaging to find the resistance limit of your device.

For a simple guide: The higher the coils resistance the more flavour production and for a lower resistance you can expect denser production of vapour. Do note however, the lower the resistance the more power draw from the batteries, this will result in a shorter duration on a fully charged battery.

Please note: Every device has a resistance limit, be sure when you purchase a coil that the resistance of the coils is not lower than that of the device, otherwise the coil will not work. Please ensure  you use a coil that has a higher resistance than the resistance stated on your device.

How do I get the best results from your Aspire vape coils? It is essential to make sure that you have soaked the inner section of the coil with vape juice thoroughly, this will stop the Aspire coil from burning out immediately.

The tank is gurgling once setup and assembled, what should I do? This is an indicator the coil is flooded, to remedy, wrap some paper towel around the airflow inlet slots and blow sharply down into the mouth piece, wipe dry and enjoy.

If you need more of a personal touch, don’t hesitate to call us if you need any help from our team of experts. Call us on 01912420018 to have your questions answered professionally and efficiently.

Avoid Aspire coils burning and leaking

Since some people do seem to have a problem with the lifespan of their coils, no matter what brand of coil they are using. To help prevent these issues from occurring, and to help to stop aspire coils from burning out, we have compiled a few secrets of the trade for making sure you get the best results possible from your aspire vape. If you’re finding that your aspire coils aren’t lasting as long as they should be, it could be the result of one of the following errors.

First and foremost, it’s possible that if you’re buying aspire coils from somewhere that isn’t a trusted retailer of aspire coils, you might be receiving coils that aren’t 100% genuine. For example, if you get your aspire coils from aspire or ebay, you can never be completely sure that your coils are coming from somewhere trustworthy. The coils you’re buying might not be genuine, since these sites don’t have very much in the way of quality assurance. When buying from unknown sellers you’re taking a risk right off the bat. When you buy your coils from a trusted provider of aspire coils, you can be sure that your coils are 100% genuine with fantastic quality assurance. Lunar vape is a highly trusted retailer and we never want our customers to find dissatisfaction with their purchases.

However, it’s quite possible that, even when you are getting genuine aspire coils from a trusted retailer, you might still be having some problems. Another elite secret to help your aspire coils from burning out too quick is to make sure you are effectively priming your coils before you use them. When you get a new coil, it’s a simple matter of putting a generous amount of vape juice onto the inside of the coil, right onto the cotton. Do this before you put the coil into your tank and the cotton in your coil will be effectively soaked in juice. This will ensure that the cotton in your aspire coil won’t burn when you take your first vape. It’s always good to know for certain that your coil has juice there, ready to be vaporized, and no cotton will get burned by the heat.

The next hint may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this happens to people. It’s important to make sure that the power setting on your vape device is not turned up too high. If your devices power is too high for your coils recommended wattage, it will inevitably lead to a decline in coil life. This basically means that you need to ensure the coil can get juice to the coil in time before it can be vaped again. Obviously if the heat is too high, the juice vaporises at a rate that is faster than the juice can travel. By ensuring you stick to the recommended wattage, and by priming the coil effectively, you will find you get a lot more longevity out of your Aspire coils.

Sometimes, the problem that people have isn’t that their coils are burning and instead they find that their tanks are leaking. Although this isn’t an issue that many people have with aspire coils, it can still happen sometimes when mistakes are made. To help to ensure that your  aspire coils don’t leak, it’s important to use the right kind of vape juice for the type of coil you are using.

When you’re using a sub ohm aspire coil, one that produces a lot of vapor, it’s best to use a thicker juice. Ideally with sub ohm coils you want something that is at least 60% VG. If you’re using any juice with more than 40% PG, it’s likely to be too thin and will most likely be the cause of any leaking issues. High PG vape juice passes through the cotton too well and results in a lot of excess juice. If you use a thicker juice, you’ll probably find that leaking from your aspire coils is far less likely to happen.

On the other hand, if you are using coils that are designed for mouth to lung vapes, you don’t want to use these thicker juices. If you do use thick juices in smaller, mouth to lung coils, the juice won’t effectively pass through the cotton at a rate that the coil can keep up with. It can result in the clogging of the coil and eventually burning of the cotton. With mouth to lung coils you want to be using a 50% PG juice at least.

Do all these things are you’re likely to find that you’re unlikely to get burning from your aspire coils, and no leaking either.

Different Aspire coils

First off we have Aspire nautilus coils.

The Aspire nautilus coils have often been complimented for their clean flavor and excellent performance. One of the most beneficial features of the aspire nautilus coils are their larger holes for wicking. This allows for improved efficiency with getting juice to your coils, resulting in better flavor and less chance of a dry hit. Not only that but the Aspire nautilus coils also features the BVC configuration. For those who don’t know, this means [bottom vertical coil]. This configuration of coil is famed for resulting in better cloud production, superior flavour and even helps avoid a Aspire Coils from leaking.

Now for the Aspire cleito coils. These are the coils required for the legendary Aspire cleito tank and the Aspire cleito EXO.  Designed for sub Ohm vaping to provide a flavour driven vaping experience. if you’re a flavor chaser you will love this type of coil.

The Aspire cleito coils are available in 0.2 Ohm, 0.27 Ohm and 0.4 Ohm varieties. 0.2 Ohm coils are designed for 55-70 watts where as the 0.4 Ohm coils are designed for use between 45 – 60 watts which leaves the 0.27 Ohm firmly in between. If you are unsure which to choose, some good advise would be the lower the resistance the more vapour production and the higher the resistance the more flavour.

Aspire revvo coils are a way in which Aspire have redesigned the typical coil system to produce something totally new and different. The Aspire revvo coils are designed for with within the Aspire revvo tank. This coil sits horizontally in the tank and absorbs juice over a wide circular surface area. The coil heats up this entire area to produce a lot of flavor and vapour production. This revolutionary new Aspire Radial Coil (ARC) system produces efficient wicking and fantastic flavor. A great way to get real results from a sub ohm kit.

Ideal for your pocket sized aspire mouth to lung devices. The aspire breeze coil is designed for use with you aspire breeze kit and the aspire breeze 2 kit. These coils feature a U shaped design on the inside and are well known for their efficient performance and good flavor. Especially for such a compact and small device. Aspire breeze coils come in 0.6Ohm, 1.2 Ohms and recently they have released a 1.0 Ohm Coil that is specially designed for nic salts. If you’ve got an aspire breeze kit or even if you’ve got one of the newere Aspire breeze 2 kits, you’ll know how good these aspire breeze coils can be.

Of course there are a plethora of other coils that aspire have released. All of which have a number of pros and are known to be reliable. We stock a range of genuine aspire coils. As cheap as buying aspire coils from ebay or amazon, but with more security and unmatched quality assurance. Some of the more popular coils in the range are: Aspire nautilus coils, aspire cleito coils, aspire pockex coils, aspire bvc coils and even aspire zelos coils. Not only that but there are many more as well. Some of the best prices for aspire coils in the uk.

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