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Vape coils

Vape coils can make a huge difference to the experience you get from your vape. It can be the difference between make or break and the difference between a standard vape and an incredible one. Getting the best vape coils, and the right vape coil type, can have the potential to truly improve your experience and tailor it to your needs.

If you need anything about vape coils explained to you, we have included a handy guide below! Read more and have the most important aspects of vape coils explained in detail, as we try to answer common vape coil questions.

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We have a panel of expert vapers with extensive experience with the vaping industry. Our team is tasked with testing all the available vape coils uk wide. From all the different brands, including smok vape coils, aspire vape coils and loads more. We rigorously analyse their effectiveness and reliability and then choose only the best vape coils uk wide to stock on our shelves. Not only that but we have amazing quality assurance and a 100% guarantee that our products are genuine.

Coil resistance guide

Coils come in a range of different resistances and recommended wattage ranges. It can be somewhat confusing at times. Luckily, we are here to provide you with some helpful elite secrets to make sure you get the best vape coils types for you.

Coil resistance can have an effect on 3 of the most major aspects of vaping. 1) vapour production, 2) flavour intensity and 3) battery life.

To give you a quick overview:

  • The lower the resistance the quicker your battery drains and as a result the more vapour production produced.
  • The higher the resistance the slower your battery drains but the less vapour production is produced.

Although this rough guide can be very helpful, there are other factors and vape coil types that can effect your experience as well. Such as the internal diameter of the coil and circulation of the airflow. These factors will have an effect on how much vapour is produces and the intensity of flavour you get. Ultimately though, it’s best to experiment and find out which coil works best for you and suits your preferences.

Coil material guide

Although most coils use kanthal as a material for their heating element, there are other materials available as well. Here we have included a rough guide as the the pros and cons of each different material.



  • Designed for use with Wattage Mode and can be used with pretty much every device
  • Can handle high temperatures very well
  • Good resistance stability


  • Can’t be used with temperature control
  • Takes a little bit of time to wear in and get the best possible flavour. But generally, it performs incredibly well

Stainless Steel (SS)


  • Versatile (Designed for use with temperature control AND wattage mode)
  • Can last a very long time
  • Takes less time to wear in and get the best flavour
  • Very clean flavour
  • Very quick heat up time


  • Inconsistency with resistance (can fluctuate during heat up)

Nickel (Ni200)


  • Good for use with temperature control
  • More predictable resistance fluctuation compared to SS
  • Consistent flavour and cloud production


  • Can’t be used in wattage mode and requires temperature control to be used.
  • More prone to building up of gunk from juice.

How long should coils last?

Usually when people ask how long their coils last, the best answer you can give is between 1 and 2 weeks. It can be difficult to give a consistent answer that works for everyone, since not everyone uses their device in the same way, especially when you consider the vape coil differences. Some people might chain vape it over and over again, where as some people may just use it now and then.

Avoid your coils from burning and leaking

It is possible for coils to not last as long as they should, and you may find your vape coils keep burning from time to time, but this is usually due to user error. When coils burn out too fast, more often than not, it’s because of one of the following issues:

  • First of all, if you’ve not been buying your coils from a trusted retailer, it’s possible that they are not genuine products. Non genuine coils are not made with the same quality. Genuine branded coils are made with great quality assurance and tend to last a lot longer.
  • Secondly, you may not be priming your coils before use. Priming the coils consists of putting a generous amount of e liquid onto the cotton on the inside of the coil, before you fill the tank for the first time. This will ensure that the cotton is saturated and there is enough juice there to avoid burning the cotton early.
  • Next, ensure that your device is not turned up higher than the recommended wattage range of the coil. Over powering the coil can cause the cotton to burn quickly, as juice can’t wick quick enough to keep up.
  • Finally, if you’re using a juice that is too thick, or too thin it can cause burning issues as well. For sub ohm coils, use a juice that is high in VG (60% or above). For mouth to lung coils, use a juice that is higher in PG (50% or above)

If you find that your vape coils keep burning, sticking to the recommended wattage and priming the coils effectively will ensure that this improves and you will get the most out of your coils, especially in terms of longevity. Regardless of any vape coil differences.

As for leaking, this isn’t a known issue with genuine coils and again it is usually down to some form of user error. Usually leaking occurs because of juice type. If you’re using a sub ohm coil, it’s important to make sure you’re using a higher VG vape juice with a thicker consistency. Using a juice that has anything more than 40% PG will cause the juice to leak through the coil, as it is too thin in consistency.

Vape coil Types

We stock vape coils and vape atomizer heads for numerous brands, including:

  • Aspire Vape Coils
  • Kangertech Coils
  • Smok Vape Coils
  • Innokin Coils
  • Joyetech Coils
  • Limitless Coils
  • Uwell Coils
  • Eleaf coils
  • And of course RBA decks as well, for various devices.

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