Our guide to vaping

So your new to vaping or thinking about starting? then your in the right place

E-cigs AKA (vaporizers,  E-cigarettes, Electronic cigarettes) is a cheaper and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. As opposed to being ignited or burnt, an electronic cigarette vaporizes E-liquid which is made from propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, water and natural flavouring’s all of which ingredients are in food products readily available off the shelf.  There’s no smoke, no burning.

Starting now, you can utilize the new and better smoking sensation

The benefits of using e-cigarettes are: 

No tar
No second hand smoke
No yellow teeth, fingers, or dividers
No lingering smells
No carbon monoxide
Reduce the risk of getting tobacco related diseases
Save up to £4000 per year
Use on busses, in restaurants, clubs, pubs, at work and any other public place you desire
New Vapers Begin Here:

We realize that E-cigs could be a bit confusing to begin with so we are going to point you in the right direction and be your guide. If you have already done some research to see what E-cigs are available you’ll have no doubt come across the ego pen style devices, you will later realize as many do these devices come from the infancy stages of when E-cigs first come about many years ago, don’t jump straight into buying these devices as it might not be the right device for you or you could end up disliking e-cigarettes all because you purchased a device that wasn’t right for you.

A great starting device would be in the price range of £35 and above because they are more than likely going to let out more vapour which tent to give a better sensation.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device which attaches to a vaporizing device known as a clearomizer, atomizer or a cartomizer they all use a heating element known as an atomizer coil which resembles a heating element in a light bulb or a kettle, surrounding the coil or through the centre of the coil is a porous heat retardant material, commonly organic cotton wool that soaks up E-liquid, which in turn surrounds the heating element, when the battery sends power to the vaporizing device the heating element disperses the E-liquid into a vapour like mist.

How much money could I save?

Currently people are spending a considerable amount of money on tobacco based cigarettes, below we have done the maths and the results are shocking!!
as a comparison we have included what it will cost you if you was to vape e-liquid, our figures here are based on 1 cigarette is the equivalent to 0.1ml of E-liquid

Based on 40 a day at £6.95 per pack of 20 cigarettes

Tobacco Cigarettes
£97.56 per week
£422.79 per month
£5073.50 per year
£335.80 per year in E-liquid
Based on 30 a day at £6.95 for a pack of 20 and £3.50 for a pack of 10 cigarettes

Tobacco Cigarettes
£73.35 per week
£317.85 per month
£3814.25 per year
£251.85 per year in E-liquid
Based on 20 a day at £6.95 per pack of 20 cigarettes

Tobacco Cigarettes

£48.78 per week
£211.39 per month
£2536.75​ per year
£167.90 per year in E-liquid
Based on 10 a day at £3.50 per pack of 10 cigarettes

Tobacco Cigarettes

£24.56 per week
£106.45 per month
£1277.50 per year
£83.95 per year in E-liquid
These figures are shocking to say the least, with that money saved you could go on to buy a brand new car, put a deposit on a house, go on a lavish holiday or buy that special something you have always wanted, using E-Cigarettes is truly great for the finances.

What is like to use an E-Cigarette?

The most common thing we hear from our customers is that they genuinely satisfy their nicotine cravings and say that they are better than tobacco based cigarettes and well.

E-cigs are what you make it, as there are so many flavours and devices to choose from the possibilities are endless, once you find the perfect combination of having a device that produces the right amount of vapour and find a flavour you enjoy you will find it is superior to tobacco cigarettes. the only motivation you need to start is to buy yourself an E-cigarette kit.

What E-cigarette should I buy?

Smoking is perhaps one of the most personal choices out there.  If you’ve ever tried your buddy’s brand of cigarettes, then you already know this.  The same can be said for e-cigs.  Before you jump into the smokeless life, you probably want to know which is the best electronic cigarette for you, based on several factors… Cheapest Electronic Cigarette Unfortunately, money is more of a concern for a lot of us these days.  And, while smokeless cigarettes are all cheaper than traditional cigarettes, you probably want to save as much as you can.  Without compromising on quality or safety, you’ll want to find the e-cigarette that offers the best value for your needs. E-Cig Flavour is the most influential factor in determining brand loyalty in traditional cigarettes, so you probably don’t want to be limited to just a few flavours from an e-cig manufacturer.  Many of the brands reviewed on ElectronicCigarette.net offer a wide array of flavours.  You can also snag the variety pack if you’re unsure which flavour would fit you best. E-Cig Guarantees Even the best electronic cigarette is bound to have an issue at some point.  The top brands recognize this fact, even though they strive to have the most durable and technologically advanced e-cig on the market.  So, many are happy to offer a full lifetime warranty on their e-cig batteries.

What E-cigarettes should I not buy?

Different levels of vaping requires different skill sets, from the E-cigarettes as mentioned which are relatively simple to use and maintain , there are devices out there that are not! such as This, This and This, They require a deep understanding of resistance and what resistance is safe to use for the battery you are using, you would also be required to build and install your own heating coils to get the best performance from them but that is not a requirement.

learning these advanced skills in building coils and battery matching can obviously be learned with experience and research but we can not recommend these products to people that have neither.

Well we hope you are in a place where you know a little bit more about vaping but if you still require more information, come down one of our stores or call our helpline.