Menthol E liquid and the perfect juice

The best

Menthol E liquid

can make the ideal cool summer vape

Some of the best Menthol e liquid can make for some of the most refreshing and satisfying vape juice around. Additionally, the amount of variation in flavors is astounding. In this case, fruity flavors in particular match perfectly well with the icy blast of menthol. In fact, If anything, the menthol serves to enhance flavor and keep your juices feeling fresh till the very last drop. Ultimately, you may be surprised with how many of your favourite flavors can be improved with the addition of menthol. Moreover, on a summers day, menthol can really make your juice feel cool and awakening, similar to an ice cold drink and a breath of cool fresh air. Menthol vape juices can really invigorate your senses and give your flavors that extra bit of something special.

How icy do i want my menthol e liquid?

Menthol e liquid can vary in the strength of how icy they are. On one hand some juices only have a slight hint of smooth menthol, just to give it a cooling aspect or to give it a little hint of something special. On the other hand, some juices might have a very strong icy blast that will take your senses to new places and give you an intense icy sensation. Additionally, there are juices that fall somewhere in the middle of these menthol strengths. Ultimately, finding the right menthol strength for you is the key. With this in mind, Try out menthol based juices to find the right strength of menthol for you, making sure you’re going to walk away with a juice that is perfectly suited to you.


Fruity Menthol E liquid

A lot of the more popular menthol based e liquid flavors are the fruity flavors with an icy blast behind them. For this reason, many of the Brain chill juices fall into this category. Furthermore, they provide a delicious fruity flavor with a cool and invigorating menthol kick. As well as this the fruity flavors are unique and interesting as they come.

Brain Chill Grape Melon Eliquid Lunar Vape UK watermelon grape menthol eliquid

Grape Melon Menthol E liquid

This Grape Melon menthol E liquid combines the ever so popular flavors of grape and watermelon with an additional fruity juice mix on the inhale. As well as that, this juice has a menthol kick on the exhale that will keep the juice feeling alive and refreshing.

Black Menthol E liquid

This Black Chill E liquid is a dark and juicy blackcurrant and lemon flavored e liquid. In addition, It has a charismatic and juicy inhale with a mind blowing icy blast to follow on the exhale. Ultimately, the combination of lemon, blackcurrant and menthol make for a truly sense awakening vape juice.

Brain Chill Black Eliquid Lunar Vape UK blueberry menthol eliquid

Brain Chill Fruit Eliquid Lunar Vape UK pineapple lime orange menthol eliquid

Fruit Menthol E liquid

This fruit chill e liquid is ideal for fans of exotic tropical flavors. This juice is based on a hugely popular south American beverage that is perfect for a summers day. The drink it is based on is a caipiroska. This is a mix of lime, cachaca, crushed ice and sugar. Ultimately, this vape juice gives a juicy sweet and sour inhale with an icy kick on the exhale.

Rednaise Menthol E liquid

This Rednaise chill vape juice is a beautifully unique menthol vape juice that offers a sweet red berry flavor with the addition of anise. Additionally the juice has a combination of menthol and eucalyptus to provide cooling undertones. All in all, This combination of anise, eucalyptus and menthol makes for a truly invigorating sensation.

Brain Chill Rednaise Eliquid Lunar Vape UK redcurrant anise eliquid

Brain Chill Cherry Chill Eliquid Lunar Vape UK cherry eliquid

Cherry Menthol E liquid

This cherry Menthol e liquid is a cherry candy soda pop juice. Combined with a refreshing koolada menthol aspect. The flavors and sensations that you get with this juice are truly eye opening. Ultimately, The sweet and tart cherry flavors are perfectly complimented by the levels of menthol in this juice.

Waterberry Menthol E liquid

This watermelon and blueberry menthol e liquid is so deliciously juicy. The menthol aspect only serves to compliment the fruity flavors even more than if they were alone. All in all, Waterberry chill is a juice that is truly thirst quenching and provides an intensely refreshing crushed ice sensation.

Brain Chill Waterberry Eliquid Lunar Vape UK melon blueberry eliquid

Brain Chill Forest fruit Eliquid Lunar Vape UK forest fruit eliquid

Forest Menthol E liquid

Forest chill is a forest fruits menthol E liquid that is guaranteed to give you a unique and satisfying juice. This is an ice-cold juice with a mixture of forest fruits combined with absinthe for a truly one of a kind flavor. Additionally this juice provides and icy blast that will take your mind away to arctic forests.

Strawberry Menthol

E liquid

Finally in the fruity brain chill range come a strawberry chill  e liquid. All in all, This juice is a mixture of fresh strawberry puree mixed with wild peppermint and sugary syrup to enhance its sweetness. In addition, the icy blast with this juice compliments the strawberry perfectly. Ultimately, this juice is guaranteed to satisfy, as strawberry is such an easy going vape flavor. To conclude, this is the perfect for almost anyone.

Brain Chill Strawberry Eliquid Lunar Vape UK STRAWBERRY MENTHOL ELIQUID

Mint Menthol E liquid

Menthol e liquid is something that works unbelievably well with minty E liquid flavors. This combination of mint and menthol creates a truly awakening sensation that will keep you on your toes and feeling fresh. In addition, this is possibly the perfect vape for those who want to rid themselves of any sluggish feelings. Ultimately, these vape flavors can be reminiscent of some of the sweetest or most powerful mint sweets on the market. Again, the Brain Chill E liquid range has a range of minty flavors.

Brain Chill Iceball Eliquid Lunar Vape UK sweet mint eliquid

Iceball Menthol E liquid

This menthol vape juice is one that combines sweet and frosty mint with an ice cool burst of menthol. In addition, this Iceball vape juice has the taste of frozen sugar candy. All in all, it is an easy going vape with a fresh feel and a flavor that is sweet, cool and mysterious.

Peppermint Cream
Menthol E liquid

Peppermint cream is a menthol peppermint e liquid mixture that is reminiscent of traditional mint sweets. Sweets such as fishermans friend or xxx mints. Additionally, this juice serves as an ideal palate cleanser, re awakening your taste buds every time. Ultimately, It has a cool and refreshing inhale with a creamy and sweet peppermint exhale. Moreover, this is a truly exhilarating experience.

Brain Chill Peppermint Cream Eliquid Lunar Vape UK peppermint eliquid

Brain Chill Blue Freeze Eliquid Lunar Vape UK bubblegum menthols eliquid

Blue Freeze Menthol E liquids

This juice is a mixture of red berry and blueberry bubblegum vape juice. In addition, Blue freeze is also combined with a hint of mint and a refreshing cooling blast of menthol. All in all, there’s mot too much menthol in this one, just enough to give it a delicious icy kick. Ultimately, this is a wonderfully sweet candy juice for menthol fans.

 Slush E liquid

Slushies is a range of koolada menthol e liquid that provides a very light and refreshing hint of menthol. Ultimately, the menthol in these juices is just enough to give that feeling of being cold and frosty, without being strong enough to blow your mind or clear your sinuses. In addition, these juices are focused around their prime flavorings with and additional hint of cooling to keep them refreshing. All in all, The menthol aspect is not overpowering and it intended to improve the flavor more than anything else. In essense, it’s just like a slushie itself.

sub zero orange slush by lunar vape uk 1

Orange slush e liquid

To begin with, this Orange E liquid is a light slushie  menthol vape juice that combines a koolada menthol with the taste of freshly squeezed oranges. In essence, This vape juice is so full of flavor you might be surprised to find out that it doesn’t provide you with the recommended daily vitamin C. However, it sure tastes like it would.

Red Slush e liquid

To begin with, this is a light menthol vape juice with a juice red berry flavor. Ultimately, This red berry vape juice takes mixed red berries and splashes them together with crushed ice to create a delicious red berry slushie. On the whole, the menthol is very light and acts as a cooling aspect, just to make it refreshing.

sub zero red berry by lunar vape uk

sub zero blueberry slush by lunar vape uk 1

Blueberry slush e liquid

First, Blue Slush E liquid is a menthol e liquid that is light on the menthol side of things. Second, the menthol in this serves as more of a cooler, as opposed to an icy blast. In addition, This vape juice combines blueberry and tangy blue raspberry together into a refreshing wave of crushed ice. Ultimately, this vape juice is guaranteed to give you a cool and refreshingly sweet vape.

Grape Slush E liquid

To begin with, this grape slush vape juice from SUB ZERO is a menthol e liquid that has a strong grape flavor. Generally speaking, the menthol aspect to this vape juice is stronger than the other slushie e liquid. Ultimately, This juice has more of an icy blast, which goes perfectly with the sweet and mouthwatering grape flavor.

sub zero grape slush by lunar vape uk 1

sub zero skittles by lunar vape uk

Skittles Slush e liquid

This Skittles E liquid vape juice has a koolada menthol e liquid feel to it. Thus, the menthol is not a powerful icy blast, but a mellow refreshing cooling aspect. Skittles slushie is a sweet candy vape. Ultimately, It is a must try for fans of both slushie and candy vapes. To sum up, this is a juice with all the flavors in the rainbow. Moreover, this juice is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Menthol E liquid has a wide range of flavors

No matter what your tastes, there will be a menthol e liquid out there for you. On one hand you might like a light menthol cooling. On the other hand you may like a strong icy menthol blast. Either way you will be able to find something that suits your tastes. If you want to read more about menthol itself there is plenty on information about menthol.