Common vaping issues

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Help my tank is leaking!

There are so many reasons why a tank might choose to dump its contents all over your bag or pocket, and as a result, this issue can be hard to solve. By following these simple guidelines, you should be able to eliminate most leaks and avoid disasters in the future.

As a rule, even if you don’t have any issues with your tank it is still a good idea to familiarise yourself with your equipment. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent problems arising in the first place.

Coils and poor seals cause most leakages. Often just taking your tank apart, cleaning it and putting it back together can fix the problem

Make sure rubber seals and O-rings are seated properly, check that everything is screwed in and threaded correctly, and finally ensure that all parts are tightened sufficiently. Avoid over tightening however as this can deform seals and damage threading, hand tight is enough.

Replace coils regularly.

Coils past their best are a common source of leaking issues; if your coil is more than 2-3 weeks old then it probably needs replaced anyway. Occasionally you can be unlucky enough to get a defective coil, so even if your coil is brand new and leaks it is worth swapping it out for another to see if the leaking continues. Lunar Vape UK’s range of coils can be found here.

When filling avoid getting e-liquid into the central chimney, this should be kept clear of all times to ensure unobstructed airflow.

If re-filling requires you to unscrew the base or the top of the tank then check that the coil seated securely before re using. E-juice getting underneath the coil can result in flooding, leaking and gurgling, as it is not being vaporised as it should be.

If possible, close air holes when re-filling.

This helps to maintain a vacuum inside the tank and an air cushion inside the airflow chamber. This enables the air to flow through the tank efficiently; juice gets pulled into the cotton of the coil rather than escaping through air vents.

Avoid flooding your coil, ideally only enough juice should be drawn into the cotton to replace whatever is vaporised when you fire your device.

If excess juice finds its way into the coil then may find that your coil spits hot juice when you inhale, makes a lot of noise and leaks. Careless refilling can cause this, but it can also happen if you are using your device at a wattage too low for the coil. The heat delivered to the coil is not sufficient to vaporize the amount of juice drawn into the cotton resulting in excess un-vaporized juice sitting in the coil.

Whenever possible try to keep your tank upright.

No matter how well designed your equipment and how well you maintain it, the laws of physics still apply. Gravity + liquid + air holes = perfect recipe for leaky messes, and leaving your tank on its side or upside down is an invitation to disaster.

Bear in mind that e-liquid becomes thinner and less viscous in warm temperatures.

Thinner e-juice can more easily find its way into places it shouldn’t, which is why many vapers complain of leaking tanks more often during the warmer summer months.

I want more vapour!

A number of things affect how much vapour your vaping set up will produce.

Nice cloud Bro’

E-liquid. The higher VG ratio of your liquid the more vapour and clouds you will produce on the exhale.

Air flow. A large airy tank with a loose direct lung inhale will produce tons more vapour than a small tank with restricted airflow and a tighter mouth to lung style inhale.

Heat. More heat/power means more e-juice is vaporized, and therefore larger volumes of vapour are produced.

Briefly, serious cloud chasers want to be using a tank with as much airflow as possible, sub-ohm coils, which require more power and heat vaporizing as much e-juice as possible on every inhale, and an e-juice that is high in VG. Obviously if you prefer a restricted mouth to lung inhale then you are going to struggle to produce massive amounts of vapour. It is worth remembering that increased vapour does not mean increased flavour, and this means you have to fine tune your vape with regard to liquid, airflow, and power until you strike a balance that works for you.

I want more flavour!

Flavour chasing can become an obsession for many vapers, and it is such a subjective thing that I could write volumes on the subject and still not cover everything.

PG carries flavour more efficiently than VG so in theory high PG liquids should have more flavour.

This is not always true in practice however and it depends from person to person. Many people swear that mouth to lung tanks (which generally work better with higher PG e-liquids) produce a richer and more flavoursome vape. There are good reasons as to why this might be true, as a MTL hit is tighter and less airy than a direct to lung hit, less air means that the vapour (and flavour) is therefore warmer and more concentrated. However many people prefer the taste of high VG e-liquids simply because VG has a naturally sweet flavour in comparison to PG. Again, this is something very much down to personal preference and if you’re a die-hard VG addict it is well worth tweaking your airflow, less air means a warmer vape and increased flavour.

PG and VG aside, sometimes it just comes down to what flavour profiles you enjoy most.

With so many e-juices to choose from there has to be something to suit the fussiest of vapers; finding it, is an entirely different matter. The quest to find your perfect vape can be fun and frustrating in equal measure. A good vape store will let you try before you buy, Lunar Vape UK allows in-store taste testing on every juice they stock and E-liquid subscription options which offer a budget friendly opportunity to try out new flavours.

Last but definitely not least is the issue of vape fatigue (aka vaper’s tongue).

Sour fruits

This most often strikes new vapers but can happen to any of us. Your favourite juice just stops tasting…of anything. Normally it doesn’t last too long so do not panic and go out and spend piles of cash on 100 new flavours to try to remedy it. What you can do to help in the meantime is make sure you are drinking plenty of water, if you are going to try a new flavour to break through the lack of taste then get something strong tasting like menthol or citrus. Some people swear that sniffing fresh coffee beans, or biting into something sour tasting like lemon or apple helps reset the palate.

If you have just quit smoking and started vaping instead, it may be that your taste buds are in recovery mode and just need time to reset after years of assaults by the chemicals in tobacco. Be patient, stay hydrated, and pay extra attention to oral hygiene. Also be aware that very sweet tasting e-liquids can temporarily deaden your sense of taste as many contain a flavouring called ethyl maltol which in high amounts can mute the flavour of anything else you vape.

There’s too much/too little throat hit!

E-Liquid gets its throat hit from PG and nicotine. If your preferred nicotine level is right for you then don’t change that, look to the PG ratio of your e-juice. Liquids with a high ratio of PG give more of a throat hit than high VG. If adjusting PG ratio does not make any difference then it may be that the device/atomizer you are using simply isn’t doing it for you and it is time to look for something new. It is also worth experimenting with different flavours, certain flavours give more throat hit than others. This can vary from person to person, so wherever possible try e-juices before buying to help find what works for you.

I’m hearing funny noises!

Gurgling, bubbling sounds.

Most often caused when e-liquid gets somewhere it’s not meant to be, most likely that the coil is flooded. Usually taking your tank apart and getting rid of excess juice then putting it all back together again will work. For a quick fix on the go use a twist of tissue paper to clear the coil/chimney of juice, or a short sharp blow into the drip tip can blow any excess juice out of the coil and through the air holes. Sometimes vaping at a slightly higher wattage can fix this problem – it may be that what you are hearing is e-liquid boiling and bubbling rather than being vaporized.

Clapton style!

Crackling, hissing noises.

These types of noises are often heard using certain styles of coils, and is more noticeable when using a rebuildable or dripping atomizer. Clapton style coils, in particular due to their design, have a multitude of nooks and crannies, intended to create a large surface area on which juice can be vaporized. This often causes crackling and hissing, almost like a hot frying pan, it can be lessened by vaping at a higher wattage or temperature but not always. This is pretty normal and not really a cause for concern. However, if it bothers you then consider changing coil type.

Popping noises.

This sounds alarming when it happens, but is not really a cause for concern unless you are of a nervous disposition. It can indicate that juice is not being fully vaporized, in which case trying ramping up the wattage slightly, or it can be caused by e-liquid that is thin and/or has higher water content. This is common when e-juice is made using AG (Aqueous Glycerin) rather than Vegetable Glycerin (VG). AG is often used in place of VG to prevent high VG e-liquids from being excessively viscous, as it is much thinner than VG due to the addition of water. The presence of even this very small percentage of water can cause some scary noises when it ‘pops’ on a hot coil. However, the use of AG rather than pure VG is distinctly advantageous in ‘high VG’ E-liquids – it is far less likely to clog and gunk up your coil, meaning that juice wicking is more efficient, and coil longevity extended.

It is worth mentioning that hearing popping noises doesn’t necessarily mean that your e-liquid contains AG in place of VG, so please don’t jump to conclusions. VG is highly hygroscopic which means that it actively attracts water molecules from the air. This means that if your tank, or dripper, has sat unused for a while, or if you leave a bottle of e-juice open without a lid, any juice exposed to the air will have absorbed some extra water via natural means.

Auughh! My vape tastes burnt!


There is nothing worse than a dry hit…apart from a dry BURNT hit!

This happens when the cotton in your coil isn’t fully saturated with e-liquid when you fire it, as a result the cotton scorches and your vape is more flame grilled cotton than cotton candy. More often than not, this occurs right after changing a coil, make sure you prime your new coil before using it and leave it to sit for 5-10 minutes after filling your tank anew.

With a new coil it is often useful to drop blobs of e-liquid directly onto the wicking holes, you should be able to see the cotton soaking up the juice immediately. A drop or two into the chimney is ok as long as you are careful not to flood the coil.

If your coil has very small wicking holes and you feel that they are not soaking up enough e-liquid while in use to avoid dry hits then taking a pin and gently piercing the cotton a few times through the wicking holes can loosen the wicking material little and allow for more efficient wicking.

You are far more likely to get a dry hit when vaping high VG juices at high wattages.

This is because VG is far thicker than PG and wicks more slowly; more power means more heat, therefore more juice is vaporised on each inhale requiring that your coils be capable of wicking fast enough to prevent the cotton from drying out.

Chain vaping is also a common cause of burnt hits, again it’s all down to how well your coils wick the juice you are vaping, when you chain vape you may not be allowing your coil enough time between draws to replenish the cotton with juice. Dry wicking material is always the cause of a burnt hit, if it keeps happening to you then use the pointers above to try and track down why your cotton is not staying as saturated and juicy as it should.

These are just a handful of the most common questions asked by new vapers and I am certain that nearly every vaper has asked at least a few of these at some point – myself included. From personal experience I can confidently say that Lunar Vape UK is staffed by friendly, experienced vapers who will be very happy to advise, and share their practical expertise. So don’t be afraid to ask!