Buying CBD in Newcastle?

Buy CBD in Newcastle Upon Tyne

We know what its like when you’re tying to find the best place to buy CBD in Newcastle Upon Tyne. It’s easy to find yourself asking “where can i buy CBD near me?” or even “Where can i buy CBD vape near me?”.

Where is the best place to buy CBD near me?

At the moment, CBD isn’t something that is widely sold and can be difficult to acquire. Even though there is no legal issue getting it, it’s just not something that many places sell right now. On top of that, anywhere that does sell it tends to charge extortionate prices.

If you’re one of the people asking “where can i buy CBD near me?” or “where can i buy a CBD vape near me?”, you need not look any further. Here at Lunar Vape we stock CBD oils and Vape juices right here in the UK. Providing the great products for great prices.

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Places to buy CBD in Newcastle, UK

When you look at where you can buy CBD in Newcastle, you would often look towards head shops in Newcastle, UK. We appreciate that bong shops in Newcastle and head shops in Newcastle do a good job of stocking CBD products. Such as Hemp nation in Newcastle upon Tyne. However, we know the convenience value when you are wanting to buy CBD in the centre of Newcastle.

Ultimately, When you want to buy CBD in newcastle. we just can’t be beaten when it comes to quality and price.

We stock CBD that can be used orally and CBD e liquid as well. So if you are looking “where can i get CBD vape near me?” you’ve just found the place!

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Our CBD Prices

Vape CBD

  • 100mg  –  £9.50

  • 200mg  –  £15.50

  • 300mg  –  £19.50

  • 500mg  –  £25

  • 1000mg  –  £35

  • 2000mg  –  £45


What is CBD?

To begin with, CBD is one of the 60 components found in cannabis, but don’t let that dictate yor judgement. Actually, CBD effects are completely different to what most people would initially assume. It’s important to know that CBD has no psycho active properties and only comes with medical and beneficial effects. There is no high or heavy headed feeling, only positive and stimulating effects.

Actually, CBD is the counterpart to THC. This is a compound from the same plant. THC is notorious for its heavy headed feeling and increased appetite. From the medical side, THC has numerous negative effects. However the CBD effects are known by the community to counter the negative effects of THC. Ultimately when CBD is ingested by itself it known to only comes with positives. CBD effects are known to have no negatives what so ever! If you want to research more about CBD and it’s uses, check out this article from the the huffington post. CBD is a compound that the medical world is really starting to acknowledge.

For bonus enjoyment, you can mix your own CBD juices. Mix your own perfect CBD juice flavors by adding Live wells CBD oil with your favourite juice. We have a number of flavor suggestions if you want to try mixing vape juice. Additionally by adding CBD oil to it, you could make your own perfect CBD vape.